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Current server status

Since people were making heaps of "Server is down!" topics, I've decided to make a script which checks if the server is really down. Additionally, if there are any known problems, they will be posted here.

Current Known Problems

Current Server Status

If you want to use this in your signature:

Full status information is available at This status information will be available even if server 1, 2 and 3 are all down (it's hosted on a different server).
Be sure to bookmark this link, since you wouldn't be able to get to this message if server 3 is down. Of course, we hope you will never need to use it that way.

This topic is not a support topic! If you're encountering problems on FriHost, please create a NEW TOPIC on them!
You should throw an index file into your root directory Smile.

Also, your server status image (in this thread) doesn't work (the one on the full site works)... It doesn't update. Wink
Marston wrote:
You should throw an index file into your root directory Smile.

There's nothing secret in there, but yes, I'll put an index file Wink

Also, your server status image (in this thread) doesn't work (the one on the full site works)... It doesn't update. Wink

Bah, that's probably a caching issue. I'll try to fix it...
server2 is frequently timing out than server1 so you should put server2 info in the index page
just my thought.
It is...
Okay. I think we can see where the quality of this thread has gone. It is now -locked- from further user Spam, but will continued to be edited by moderators and administrators as necessary.
Added following: There appears to be a problem with the Server 2 database server at the moment - this may cause problems with forums / blogs / other software that relies on the MySQL databases. Please be patient and we'll let you know when we have more information.

EDIT: The issue seems to have fixed itself (or been fixed by offline admins Wink )
Added the following notification: There is currently an issue with the SMTP (outgoing mail) servers that is intermittently occurring on both servers. We're aware of the problem and are looking into it - we will let you know as soon as we have more details, but because of the time of year it may take a little longer than normal to fix. We thank you all for your patience.
The FriHost server status image will be down until further notice. This is due to a server problem on the server hosting it (the server suffered a major hard drive problem, and the web host is currently migrating all backups to another server).

I hope to have it back up in the next few days.

Update: It's now back up Smile
Latest update:

20 Jan 2007: There is currently a problem with server 2 that requires it to be restarted. Unfortunately, only Bondings is able to do this and he is not currently online. We can only apologise for this downtime and hope that it will be resolved soon.
I've changed the URL of the status image from to This was mainly because the old URL was quite long Razz.
The old URL will still work, however, I recommend to use the new one Smile.
I've noticed Server 2 has been going down on and off recently, although usually no longer than a minute, but just thought I'd mention it, since it doesn't seem there is any problem, but if server goes on and off (the Apache (HTTP) goes down, everything else usually fine) then I thought there might be.
My website has been down since last night! I am on server two. What's the problem?
This is not a support topic! Please create a new topic if you're encountering problems!

polly-gone, I have no idea why your site is down... Please create a new topic on it.
DjinniFire, the problems are known, and we're working on fixing them.

Now the signature has got a problem.
James007 wrote:

Now the signature has got a problem.

It was due to a server configuration problem. It's fixed on the new server 1 VPS Smile
I made a new page which includes server 3 and uses the new IP of server 1. The only problem is mysql on server 1. I'll also make a signature later.

edit: seems like it's working on vps1 again. I'll wait with making a new signature till I have a bit more time or when server 4 is up Razz .
Apparently, the server status page is not very relevant now.
It hasn't been updated since the server move.

I've put up another server status page for the time being.

Signature images will be coming soon.

edit - New server status signature image.

edit 2 - Changed the way MySQL server status is checked for Server 1 as external connections are not allowed on this server. The new method makes this check HTTP dependent.
Therefore, MySQL will be reported as down, if Apache is down.
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