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Manga Recommendations?

Hi, I'm looking for some manga recommendations. The type that I'm looking for is some comedy/parody/love/school and perhaps action.

I like stuff like Yakitate!! Japan and Gintama.

If any of you have any mangas to recommend, please post them here!
I would definatly say love hina, and maby GTO, those are atleast the mangas i can recomend that i have read/viewed myself

comedy/parody/love/school = Love hina Very Happy
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure would be a good choice.
Death note, Battle royal, black cat and bleach are all good ones, though you could buy all of the above its better to just view them at There are other great anime on this site but the above are my personal favorites, also the above are fairly violent anime but for the most part mangavolume only has stuff like lovehina.
Love, commedy, school, try :

School rumble - My Rating : 9.5/10
A story about a slow minded HArima Kenji who falling in love with the most "slow" girl in his class (Tsukamoto Tenma), in the other side, Tenma is in love with the most boring boy in that class...
Badluck for Harima, the little sister of Tenma (Tsukamoto Yakumo) is rumored to be going out with Harima, ... conflict, stupid thing and anything happened because of misunderstanding, missunderstanding and more more mis understanding -.-

Ichigo 100% - My rating : 9/10
Any CLAMP manga is great! Very Happy
I agree with the CLAMP recommendation. Some good mangas would be determined by your choice in movies:

Romantic Comedy: Love Hina
Action: Trigun, Bleach
Horror: Hellsing
Mystery / Thriller: Death Note, Detective Conan

Just whatever floats your boat.
Hi guys

I would say Nar...nah Razz
Defenitly Death Note and xxxHolic. Awesome Mangas (and btw, awesome animes too).

Stay cool.
Well, there are definitely many manga that fit your description. I'm just gonna name a few off the top of my head, I might look up more for you later on.

Good Morning Call - Romance/Comedy/School - about a girl and a popular guy who ended up sharing an apartment after they were both scammed. It's cute, one of the classics. Complete.

Gokusen - comedy/school/a tad of romance hinted - It's like female GTO, really funny, you might have heard it since 2 dramas were made from it. The teacher is the granddaughter of a yakuza boss and so forth. On-going

Hana Yori Dango - About a poor girl at a rich school and her encounter and romance with 2 of the 4 dudes who pretty much control the school because of their families' wealth. Complete

Midori no Hibi - school/romance/comedy - about a girl who became the guy who she liked's right hand. And the guy was one of the most feared in the area and so on. Complete

Princess Princess - School/comedy/a bit of romance - all boys' school's weird custom of electing pretty boys to be "princess" and a transfer student's life as one with 2 other people, Complete

Hanazakari o kimitachi e - school/comedy/romance - another all boys school story, but this time the heroine crossdresses as a guy to enter the school of her sports idol. Complete

Fruits Basket - school/comedy/romance - a classic. story revolves around a family's curse of not being able to be hugged by people of the opposite gender or else they turn into animals in the chinese zodiac, and an orphan girl's encounters with them. I believe it's recently completed.

Ouran Host Club - school/comedy/a bit of romance - A poor girl at a rich school, she accidentally entered the school's host club room and broke an expensive vase, so she had to join as a host to work off the debt. On-going.

That's all for now. Those are some of the most popular ones.
Wow, thank you everyone for all of those awesome recommendations.

I definitely need to check out those mangas. They all sound so interesting especially that School Rumble one! xD

And thanks to Reaper for giving me that link to mangavolume. Holy cow! I can't believe I never found that website before! *going to spend ages on that place from now on*
Definitely One Piece. The BEST comic I've read/ am reading. I like the story, as well as how the main characters behave. Shows true loyalty, dedication, and trust. Its also very hilarious, but unfortunately, no romance haha.
You could also go for Petshop of Horrors manga.

The plot is weird in a horror twisted kind of way and the visuals are good. Smile
I would highly recommend Death Note, just read the first few chapters and see if it's your liking. For "lighter" tastes I would probably recommend One Piece - it's a *long* manga (and still not finished) but it's definitely fun to read (and watch). I don't know much school/parody mangas though so I can't help you out there.
For now, i just read battle royale but i find this manga is great, i'm going to have the continuation of this manga at christmas.
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