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Country Music

Does anyone hate countrey as bad as I do?
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 100%  [ 2 ]
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I hate all country music with a passion, does anyone else feel the same way?
I'm not posting to just say blah blah blah country sucks...
I'm posting to see how many people actually HATE this genre.
Captain Fertile
I like a lot of country. Mainly the modern stuff Like Alan Jackson, Toby Keith and Shania Twain’s older stuff. but some old stuff like Johnny Cash is still good – his song One Piece at a Time is so funny to me.

I can understand it is not to everyone’s taste but I was brought up on Mr Cash as well as Tammy Wynette, Slim Whitman, Glen Campbell (who is a singer not a place in Scotland) et al with my parents playing it for hours every Sunday.

As I got older I gained an appreciation of most things American and country music is so typically American (with plenty of Canadian artists making it big too) I fell in love with it.

The Captain
modern country is an easy genre to hate, what with its stereo type toby keith’s and the recycling of the same generic pop/country style songs for the past , well forever. this is what most people associate with country and therefore why most people think that they hate country. BUT there is another subset of country that is sometimes called folk and sometimes called americana (which I know is very broad, but go with me). This genre started with Neil young, the byrds, and some of the folky beach boy stuff and has progressed been adopted by several excellent recent good bands, like wilco, iron and wine, neko case, and the silver jews. All of these acts have some country sound in their music, many it could be argued even have more country sound in them than the so call "country" of the CMT variety, since for instance these folk acts still use rational instruments, e.g. banjos. Anyways, the main point of this post should be that any genre of music is too large to write blanketly off completely... even country. And I guess it also goes to show how the most pop aspects of a genre become the tamest most watered down middle of the road crap, be it country, metal, rock, etc.
I like Country

Its ok once you get into it. IT took me a LONG time to start to like it but i was really young when my grandparents and sister got me on it! Some of it i cant stand but its not much the newer stuff is better the older stuff i cant stand
it!! but anyways not all country music is bad you just have get past the sterotypical MUMBO JUMBO of it all!! but you have stero types in everything so why should music be any diffrent than that!!
You say you hate ALL country music. Really? How many types of country music can you name? Remember, country music isn't all Dolly Parton and Billy-Ray Cyrus.
I dislike a lot of country music but ive heard some songs that i is actually pretty good. But in general it is diffinetely not my genre.
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