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The Elder Scrolls : Morrowind

What are you thinking about this game ??
Needs multiplayer, its too big for just a single player game and can take up to 180+ hours to play!
heheheh i finished it, lvl 121 mage ^^

apsolutley all major and minor skills to 100, azura's star enchanted all of my eqipment, i have daerdic claymore with 100 frost dmg.

i think i played it for 300+ hours. it is absolutley great game, but it takes a long time if ur noob on rpg-s.

i would reccomend it to any rpg lover. if u are not into such things, this game won't interest u.
Boles Roor
I like this game. Alot. I never finished it, but I do have a lvl 52 warrior.
One of the few things I don't like is the quest system. It's really messy and you lose track of alot very soon Sad
read journal Very Happy
and yes, i got expansion (bloodmoon) but it was nothing special, just a little island near vvandefell, i expected a lot more. didn't finished it through, wasn't very interesting.

anyone played tribunal? maybe it's better...
Boles Roor
Yea, but the journal is crappy. When you have played for more then 20 hours, the whole journal is cluttered and messy. Sad
lockwolf wrote:
Needs multiplayer, its too big for just a single player game and can take up to 180+ hours to play!

It does...but i don't think it does.I find it fun without single player and Morrowind has got to be probably my favriote this gen of gaming...
Morrowind was great. I absolutely enjoyed it. I'm not an RPG type of person but this game kept me interested and after 5 months of playing, I haven't finished it. After killing Dagoth Ur, I expected the game to end but it seemed like there was something else that was needed to complete the game. Can anyone shed any light on this?
i never finished it either but i don't think it actually can...but i unno i never ogt that far...sigh~
Never finished it either but had a lot of fun playing it Smile Had most of the expansions for it and even installed the girlfriend bot thingy and had fun with it. This is a great game and the quests kept me busy for a long while.
Hmmm..... I have only Morrowind. I haven't got opinions.
im only a lv 42. bloodmoon i think is the worst extension out there. Half the time i didnt even know what was going on. Some of the quests on it suck too, like when you have to go to the stones and do what they tell you to do. Tribunal was a good extension though. Ive beaten all of the main quests, and Tribunal was better than the others. There should be multiplayer in it, like duals in the arena and stuff like that.
This is not a game its a life in a computer!!!

If you hook up the cheats so that your mana and life "regenerate" then it becomes a lot more playable, you get much more freedom to roam around.
dzo wrote:
This is not a game its a life in a computer!!!

If you hook up the cheats so that your mana and life "regenerate" then it becomes a lot more playable, you get much more freedom to roam around.

I definitely have to agree with this.. Morrowind is much like a reality wherein any decisions you make can alter the outcome of your quests or the entire morrowind province.

This is one of the best RPG I have ever played (except for Gothic 2 of course, hehehehe) and I'm looking forward to playing the next installment of the series which is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Very Happy Cool

If I had time to play rpg , It would be deffinetely morrowind. It also has oblivion version. REcommend all of them;)
I have this game, but just cannot get into it, it is just too slow paced for me. It takes far to long to do anything. Dont get me wrong, its a very nice game, and I would try it if it went multiplayer I think.
I think it's really fun to play. Even though I have only played it for like 1 day *g*. Still I was shocked by the size of the map. How can you get through all that? Wu.
But I think it's an awesome game and it's worth playing it.
Morrowind rocks, there is no doubt about that. I just bought the XBOX version, and am planning on buying the PC version because it has better graphics and is patchable. Basically, Morrowind rocks in every sense of the word. All hail Oblivion; I can't wait for that game!
i have played that game so much its not funny, i cant wait for oblivion.
the new graphics are awesome the gameplay in all of the morrowind games are awesome and i hope they somehow incorporate multiplayer
This game is just perfect to me, the depth that this game has is just great, everything seems to be conected with eachother. I really love it, althought the graphics could be a little bit better, but hey, the game is from 2002, nothing much that looked better those days.
I agree with sgwreviews. The interconnection among gameplay elements is great, I just wish I bought the PC version instead of XBOX, as it take five freakin' minutes to load! Is that because I modded my XBOX, or is it always that slow?
ps- Can't wait for The Elder Scrolls IV- Oblivion!
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