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Is this bad?

check with your lab's admin if it's bad....

I would say don't ask the admin; by doing so you loose the possibility of doing it anyway if they say no.
Try looking it up somewhere; most schools will have an official rule book, and in there should be something about computer use policy. Also, it may depend on what else you're supposed to be doing besides posting here.
If you have any class that pertains at all to web development, you could say you're doing work for that class because you're keeping your website up, which is essential for that class, right?
I almost now for sure, you are not allowed to visit non school related sites.... tho who cares, everybody does the same thing: visit other sites, play games etc.....

Do it anyway I say, think about the consequences later.
Yeah, its prolly bad if you are at school for they hate it when your not going to sites about research and blah. They should all have something to where when your finished with your school work you can explore the web i mean you do it at home anyways why not do it in a learning enviroment. That way if your confused about something you have people like the computer lab instructors to help you out with any problems you may have. I myself think its easier to search at home for im trying to learn more then enough stuff using the internet as my teacher. Laughing
If you can use it to play games, you can use it to post on a forum.
When frihost gets banned, then you know its bad :p

or you could just turn off the filter and never know...

Could say that doing anything not educational is bad.
What does your own moral compass have to say about the situation? And why did you ask in the first place? Do you really want to know if it’s bad or do you only want someone to tell you that it’s OK. Personally it doesn’t sound like any school work is getting done in any case (I think school hours are too long anyway, the workload of the majority of curricula can be done in a fraction of the time allocated).
At least you've earned points for this post so it's not bad at all, I guess.
well it depends.... im not supposed to go on forums at school but i do anyways... your not 'supposed' to use proxies in school but i do anyways. your not supposed to go in irc at school but i do anyways.
Conclusion: School comps suxors! lol.
Yes, it's probably bad using the school's lab computer. However, it may not be. It really depends, ask your lab teacher if it's okay or not, so that if he finds out, he might not give you a bad consequence or punish you. You could always just not play the computer in school at all, though, and just wait until you get home.
If you're suppose to be doing work then yes, if you're having freetime then noo.
I do it all the time. I dont' see a problem with it. In study hall we play games and all. Thats where good proxies come in play. Very Happy
geez, you're such a rebel. don't get arrested.
Pyro Man
For crying out loud! Its not crime of the centuary, I am always trying to get round school blockers, taking the cable from school PCS and plugging them into my laptop while im at school. It gets a connection but doesnt work sadly. The following things are blocked in Buckinghamshire schools:

Game Sites
Porn Sites
Email Providers (except the school email system)
Image search functions
downloads sites
Music Sites
and much much more.
Its not bad... think of the other stuff the people do... play games, check personal e-mail, look at adult pictures (I have seen people do it)... posting here is not nearly as bad as those things
Probably isn't bad...unless you were in charge of handling some acid - or you;re the teacher Embarassed
If your there's no pop-up warning you that you've committed a lab offense, then you're ALL GOOD Wink
I Dont acctually know if i could post on here from school. I think the school has most of the good sites blocked Sad
i find that posting on a forum is more educational than say playing games or going to youtube or anything related. especially here where there are so many different topics to go into and you have the chance to learn about a lot of things that are going on
bad or not? can't tell... actually, it all depends on the rules and regulations imposed on use of computers at your laboratory. if browsing the net or chatting is allowed during laboratory hours, there is no problem with that. if not, then it's bad.

if you have known or if your aware of the dos and don'ts of your laboratory, then you yourself can tell whether what you have done is good or bad!

happy new year!
hofodomo01 school says that we can't do this and that...but somebody always finds a way around. Right now, I know is banned, but we still can find ways to be the man now dog!!
why it's a bad thing to post in computer lab in school.....
i always post in my pc at my working place, even msn and icq, writing blog, watching youtube, reading news... etc.. doing all the things that i suppose to do at home, hahaha
There is nothing bad about it. At least you earned some points and frih$ by posting in the FriHost forums.

I do it too during our computer lab I usually play games and posting here in FriHost.

Our professor really sucks he didn't even know what he was trying to teach us. Mad
My school also disallow us doing this but we still doing it Wink

My friends always tell me "do whatever you want, just don't get caught" Razz
It depends on your school & your own intelligence. It is not bad if:

(i) Your school allows it


(ii) Your school do not allow it but you are smart enough to fool them. Laughing
I don't know why it would be bade as I'm posting this from college, and they don't stop me from doing it.
I don't think it's bad. Everybody does it. Everybody!
Just don't be too silly and get caught. Wink
As long as it is not blocked it is OK, but like someone else mentioned. Just make sure that your work and class stuff are done. I use to teach computer lab classes and nothing pissed me off more then people surfing when their work was not finished. As long as that was done I had no problem with it.
One of the students at my school has got admin access to the computers. and he hosts a sight about our school here so i think were allowed.
The_Gamer294 wrote:
Right now I'm posting from the computer lab in school lol, should this be a bad thing?

No. They blocked Frihost in our computer lab.
Errr, I know that if they found out at my school I was visiting forums for fun during schooltime - they'd kick me out, haha.
Its not bad, do what u want !!!
Personally, I've broken every single computer-related school rule except for cyber-bully someone and hit the dang thing with a sledgehammer. Then again, I've never hurt anything by doing it, and I've never come across any sensitive information or anything crazy like that. The schools are really too paranoid when it comes to computers.

They're like evil boxes that do things if you don't lock them down.
My theory is :
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