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If you could meet anyone, dead or alive...

Here it is folks, if you could meet anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I would chose Johnny Depp, because I want to get in good with him so I can do a movie with him.
hm, not a bad wish... but simply meeting him may do fetch your wish. You can start working on films. YOu can pay him, he will come to you. That's simple...
Not that want to see Nicole Kidman..Ever since she was stunningly beautiful. Even though her age is growing old...She's still pretty. I love to see her.....
Einstein, just to talk into the long hours. Maybe on a camping holiday, Hendrix would be there crooning into his velvet trousers. We'd have a smattering of dead film beauties to service our every need of course, led by Marylin Monroe in a striking little number with lipstick tastefully applied to her skull which still looked kissable such was the force of her personality. Or have I got the question wrong. Oh and shakespear would be there so we could ask him about whether he fancied boys or girls. Oh and jesus too. Get him to start apologising for the bloody mess he's got us into.
I think I would like to see the Egyptians and Pharaohs. As I see on the movies, they are very powerful on that time. And I would like to see how rich they are and I'll get some gold on their palace. Laughing
i want to meet jesus
i want to know the truth
is he a god or messenger of god Rolling Eyes
Hitler or Jesus, I could have quite interesting discussions with both.
(Even though I might give one of them quite a a$$ kicking)
Hmmm I want to meet the perfect women in my life Wink
Oh and she has to be alive to.... Wink
now for serious: I think I want to meet Bush, I want to tell him that he is a bad president....
If I could meet anyone dead or alive...
I'd prefer somebody alive.

How about... Bondings!
well, what about them as not is or had been in reality... if that was possible, i would like to see. hmmm no not that chearater,... mate mate...

Kuchiki Rukia

From Bleach , Death god ( wee ) well alot of boys would probetly say, why her, shes not even the cutes / butefull one.

well, because of her personality as the actors have given her, shes not just a dumb chick as don't hit someone in the face if they get insulted, and alot of other stuff, as i do wish, that real girls have ( there is a few ... thx god )

well if it should be real persons, it would be ... i dont sure know, J.F.Kennedy, i can't really explain why, but, its. that he wanted peace, he loked like a good man, so i would like to learn some more to him, i think there is alot as he still could have been given the world
If i could meet anyone, i would choose to meet ben bailey, because he is sooo funny.

Hmm.. If I could meet anyone dead or alive, I will choose James Patterson, he is an awesome writer. I've read his books and I really love it because his novels is about crime/detective/suspect/mystery/suspence.. I do love detective stuff. Wink
Dimebag Darryl.

I never even got to see him in concert, let alone meet him Sad
I'd like to meet Lou Barlow, ex-bass player for Dinosaur Jr. and frontman on Sebadoh. He's music is beatiful and his lyrics are very intelligent. I've always wanted to be musician just like Barlow. Maybe in future I'll realise my dreams Smile
oh maybe Borat Rolling Eyes
haha personally i want to meet a special someone right know...there are no classes in school today since classes were suspended because of a bad-ass typhon...
Richard D. James.

If it was a dead person, Douglas Adams. he wrote the HitchHikers Guide to the galaxy series, which have to be the most insanely funny books I have ever read. he was also very smart, and I would love to just be able to have many different convosations with him about pretty much anything.

As for living, i would say Darren Brown.

Why? 'Cos he is the most awesomely clever guy ever. His pyscological tricks are pretty astounding; and one of the best TV showmen around.
dead: Adam (first guy to exist)
alive: <insert cool dude>
mythical: angel of destiny - find out whether its all worth it in the end
Leonardo da Vinci – I would like to ask him what mechanisms he used to stimulate his creative processes.
I'd meet Dean_the_Great. I hear he's... great.
Adam D from the band killswitch engage. he is a guitar gooooood....
Nikolai Tesla, Muhammed Ali, Or Fidel Castro
It would be amazing to meet the band Queen if you'd ask me, at their fabulous times let's say 1977 or so.

To meet Freddie would be a great experience alone, but unfortunately that's not possible anymore.

Long live the Queen.
I know this is a little off-topic. However, I was just watching a dvd on crop circles and would love to be able to step back in time and watch the creator/create them. They are incredible.

After watching the dvd, I think that the circles are not man-made (at least the perfect geometric occurrences), but there may be some that are imitations. It seems that they replicate natural mathematic patterns - and may occur as a result of a blank canvas (i.e. the crop) and a natural phenomenon, e.g. electromagnetic radiation..

So, someone needs to develop time travel so that we can unravel this mystery and meet the creator.

I'm huge hockey and basketball fanat, so:
1st and greatest #19 - Steve Yzerman!
2nd and greatest #14 - Brendan Shannahan
3rd - Wilt Chamberlain
4th - Dominik Hasek.
GOD, and maybe ask some questions.

I'm really discrete when it comes to my faith though I am a believer.
I would say Jesus. Just to hear His words of wisdom, and see Him heal; just chat about how things have changed in this world, ask Him tons of stuff. For whom said "is he a god or a messenger of god"... He is, in some way, both. He's the son of God, but also God in "human form" (don't mean to get all sci-fi on you); come down to live a life full of our temptations and our pain.. yet live it perfectly, or ace it. Then, he sacrificed that perfect life for all our sins. He is God, but he's also the Son of God... Hard to explain xD we had a talk on it at church about how to understand the trinity (Father, Son, Holy Spirit)... Made perfect sense in church.

I've always had a morbid fascination with Sir Richard Burton. Not the actor, but the 19th century explorer, writer, diplomat, translator, ethnologist, linguist, soldier, orientalist, poet, hypnotist and fencer. He claimed to to be fluent in 29 languages and published an unedited version of the Arabian Nights and the Kama Sutra. He made a pilgrimage to Mecca in disquise as an arab and treked through Africa looking for the source of the Nile. Maybe not the nicest person in history, but I doubt if Id get bored with the conversation.
lol @ wanting to meet bondings...brown-noser...
But yea, no question about it I would want to see Jesus. If anybody in all of history would have something important to say, it's definitely him. That would be amazing.
Alive i would like to meet Zidane,one of the greatest football players of all time.

Dead i would like to meet 2pac shakur, one of my idols of rap music.

Meeting thses people your be ace.
I want to meet Jesus Christ. Smile
The man I believed who is (was?) the most important person to mankind, to me and you....If he does exist, and crucified, resurrected and assent to the Heaven, he is really the God our Lord.....or else he was just a folk and treated everyone in the world....
I'd love to meet Jesus, Leonardo da Vinci, Newton, Albret Einstein, and oh, somebody from Atlantis. I think it'd be fun talking to them.
Captain Fertile
Well, no big theological discussion here I am afraid;

I would simply love to meet face-to-face with some of the chimpanzees, sorry, employees I have spoken to on the phone who work for big company - especially utility company, call centres. They are the bane of my life, my arch nemesis!

They get away with so much and tell you so many lies they would not dare to if you were talking face to face.

Call centres bring plenty of employment but are killing customer service with so many poor employees spoiling it for the few who actually care about helping the customer.

Rant over. Mad Mad Mad
Probably Jesus, I want to go bowling with him.

Either him or PacMan.
Alive: Roddy Woomble (lead singer of idlewild)
Dead: Rasputin (To get some pulling tips)
alive: Male: Sylvester Stallone Female: Jennifer Garner

dead: Male: Elvis the KING :p Female: Marilyn Monroe

those are 4 people i'd like to meet Smile
well, if i given a chance i want to meet Naruto in person. i want to see his Rasengan, and Shadow manipulation technique.
I would have like to meet Jimi Hendrix. I you've never listening to any of his music I highly encourage you to give it a chance. With music like that I wonder what went on in that man's mind. I wonder how he was driven so deeply that he played the way he did without even knowing notation. In his short lifespan and career he has influenced countless people.
Count me in as another Elvis fan, I would love to meeet him
mistuh griddlez
Bill Gates Very Happy and Perhaps David Spade.

Syd Barrett Crying or Very sad or Mr. Rogers

But Umm I'd Also Like To Meet The Red vs. Blue Guys!
Literary figures: Twain, Dickens, Austin, Johnson, Pope, Milton, Shakespeare, Chaucer, Poe (he would be one interesting character), Dostoevsky, and the list goes on.
Political Figures: King George, Maire Antoinette, Kofi Annan, Nelson Mandela, Genghis Kahn, Lincoln, all of the significant American Revolutionary figures, Ghandi, Hitler, Chamberlain, Churchill, Roosevelt (both of them), Queens Elizabeth, Victoria and Mary, Mao, Plato, Aristotle and so many more.
Musicians: Bach, Mozart, Handel, Dvorák, Beethoven, Brahms, Palestrina etc.
Other Artists: Ansel Adams, Picasso, Van Gogh (I could tell him about Meniere's Syndrome)
Scientists: Einstein, Dalton, Darwin, Clarke, Asimov, Marie Curie, Watson and Crick (and that poor girl they stole their results from), and a few others.
Other/General: Frank Lloyd Wright, Sir Francis Drake, Billy the Kid, Charlemagne and so on and so forth

Oh, and I also wish to be able to fluently speak the language (including technical language) of those I meet. Make it snappy now Wink

If you want a single one, I think I could settle for Twain, or Annan, or Poe...
I would want to meet Jezus @ Dead Smile
Adam D from KSE Smile Hes a guitar god/legend!
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