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new trend... pay per play? Anyone else tired of beeing scamd

first heard about it a couple of years ago with the final fantasy series... where you pay 60-80 to buy the game then another 10-25 per month to play the game... so in a year you would pay around $300 to play 5min or 3000hrs....

I thought it was bad enough they were charging 80$ for the game... if they are charging monthly fees they should at least give the game away LOL. Course that will be next year's plan.
Yea I agree with you so I don't buy any pay per play games (and don't plan on doing so in the future). But, they do have there advantages because the creators get more money so they often update the game worlds and users can explore the new additions for free (like in world of warcraft).
I like World of Warcraft. Sure, it costs me an extra like $15 per month (I think less, since my subscription is yearly, but a good enough estimate), but considering the amount of time I put into that game, constant new updates, and lots of players . . . it's very fun, you should try a trial.

But it's not a "scam". They never attempt to trick you into believing that you won't be paying.
i think pay to play games are like world of warcraft 15 bucks isnt much and there are alot of updates so the game never gets boring and becomes physicaly impossible to beat were as most online games such as diablo have so much you can do and then your done wooo i guess
I don't believe in Pay to Play. I really dislike the idea of buying a game before having to Pay to Play. That's like shooting yourself in the foot, then letting Blizzard shoot you in the foot every month. Does Blizzard need money to run the servers? Technically, they could do it without needing a nice inflow of money every month, but they're making sure all the bases are covered so the maintenance is much higher than usual, so yes they do need it now. Is it worth it, I sure don't think so.

It's like crack, my friend has jumped on and off the wagon so many times, I don't know if he still plays. My cousins have quit after they found out how much it actually cost them. Some people go to the extreme to spend extra money to buy in-game stuff, talk about pathetic. One of my friends is smart though. He played for a year, had that fun, got bored and sold his account for $1000.00. Now that's smart. That's like using all the crack, then shitting it out and selling it to someone.
Think of it this way, you pay about 7-10 bucks just to watch a movie which averages about 2 hours.

You pay 15 bucks for a month to play WoW for about 30 days and you can spend how many hours you want to to play the game.

With money going to the company, they are better to serve the loyal customers with updates in game play, better service, and better maintained server.
S3nd K3ys
Do you get free upgrades? (Not just updates, upGRADES)

Do the servers run flawlessly?

Is the game everything you expected and more?

If you answered no to any of these questions, or yes, it's STILL YOUR CHOICE TO BUY IT.
"Some people go to the extreme to spend extra money to buy in-game stuff, talk about pathetic. "

I admit, I think anybody who buys gold/platinum/gil is missing the point of a GAME. I don't respect anybody who buys ingame stuff using their money.

But it is people's choices to pay extra for the service Blizzard offers. Kudos to the poster who offered the movie analogy, which fits perfectly. You get so much more out of an MMORPG. But they still aren't for everybody.
It all depends on what sort gamer you are really. If you are a full on, hardcore gamer that plays something everyday, then you would probably get way more than your money's worth out of a play by pay game. If you are just a casual gamer, then you probably will get less, so it would be just a waste of money.

Me, depending on the game, I can be a little bit of both, so if I really like the game after I have trialed it, I probably will end up getting it. If not, then I won't worry about it. It all depends on the game and if I like it and will always be playing it or not.

So, yeah. I don't really see tham as a scam if I am always playing them. If I just casually play them, then I guess that it would seem like a scam. As I said, it all depends on why type of gamer you are.
A lot of the times when you buy the software you get some time for free I know you can get WoW for like $20 with the first month included. Or $2 with a 2 week trial which you just need to switch to free and start paying $15 a month less if you play in advance.

Also with FFXI yea it was $60, but then did give you 3 months of play. Or at least they did when they first came out.

Think of it this way you are paying for a game that does not end you always have the something to do it you want. And of course you play with real people which has it up and downs but you are playing with real people which is nice.

I also had issues with the monthly thing, but it is worth it. Played WoW for a year until my gaming time changed and I was not play for weeks at a time, that is when I switch to GW which is just as good as WoW no monthly fees, just new chapters every 6 months that you can buy IF you want.
There is a game I used to play (I quit because my PC quit and I don't yet have the money to repair/replace it.. and my backup isn't fast enough).. but it is called ACES HIGH.

It is a WWII game, based mostly on flying (dogfights/bombs/etc), but also has tanks, boats, and some ground troop activity. It is VERY realistic based and has a VERY HARD learning curve. I had played for almost two years and still didn't consider myself even close to being an expert.

Every player you come up against is a real life person. There are no computers involved (except for some base defense ground guns that were AI controlled).. people had formed squads, developed close online friendships, planned coordinated attacks, and everything else.

The game itself is free.. you can play in single player mode (attacking "drones" that fly around in circles) which is good practice, or not very fun. You can also play in LAN mode (with up to 8 player) and all that's free.

BUT to get into the online arenas.. where you play against hundreds upon hundreds of competitors.. you pay $15/month for.

Now for $15 to provide me even three hours a month of great entertainment... well that's a bargain. You can't even go see a movie for that much anymore. Let alone the months I spend dozens of hours on it. I had a lot of fun!
As far as this being a rip off, $15 a month isnt cheap to play a game. But the benifits are massive, becuase they are constantly updating the games that use the payment plan. When was the last time they updated StarCraft? Why would they want to? No additional Income, provides not empatus for updates, which are mostly free. Granted there are those expansion pack, but its your option to buy it.
$15 is cheap for 1 month. Monthly costs are the only way for developers to keep on making new content and to keep the servers up. Without a monthly cost the servers will start lagging and overloading once the initial buy rate slows down and theres is nothing to fund the bandwidth costs
I don't really find it good. It is like adding an extra charge on people. In the case of WOW, buying the game was expensive enough, and we still have to pay a monthly subscription fee just to play the game. It is like we are being forced to pay the monthly fee, if not the original installation disc would be just a piece of junk that can't be used anywhere.
Well, it can be good in some ways.
Take World of Warcraft for example. Okay, you have to pay around 13 a month to be able to play, but it's really worth it.
Seeing that about 7 million people play it, it can't be bad.

For the money you pay, you get lots of updates, patches, good servers, 24/7 support (Ye I know it isn't always as good, but imagine organising this for 7 million people, it ain't easy) .
So ye, if I get enough in return for my money, I'll gladly pay it. Which is the case with World of Warcraft.
I've played a lot of really fun free mmorpgs, so I'm not really willing to pay to play one. I don't enjoy newer games that much.
The main difference between pay to play games and free ones if the service. I've been playing a free MMORPG called Turf Battles for whats coming close to a year now. I've basically quit as the Admin's NEVER deliver updates on time. Because if you think about, what incentives do they have to do that? They aren't losing money so it doesn't matter.

P2P games are most always worth the money, especially when there are benifits such as free expansions and the like. The only downside of these games is that most of the time you need a credit card. For people like me, I don't have a credit card, and my parents refuse to to use theirs even if i gave them the money. A good thing about that is that many games have time cards. The only game i'd ever pay to play was EvE online. And i can't buy time cards for that because they only really sell them in Europe.
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