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Vanilla Crazy

TA spring is a full 3d RTS game based on the Spring engine. It's only 32 mb. Win.
It looks simple, but I will really give it a try.
I love the word FREE, and I hope this game has some desent gameplay so I can replay it sometimes.
TA Spring is a 3d conversion of the illustrious Total Annihilation. They're moving to a totally GPL version but you may still need the original TA to play or use some content.
This game is amazing.

RST, as cool as Age of empires, and yet more options.

Land, Hovercraft, Water units, Air units,
different methods of defense.

But the thing that really bought me over is the methods for micromanaging:
You can queue up buildings, queue up paths.
Plus you can attack/harvest an area so that you don't have to send individual orders for each unit.

You can switch to first person mode, and close combat mode.
You can turn the graphics the whole way down to play on a mediocre computer, or turn the graphics the whole way up for a super computer.

And I've only touched the surface on the features.
I am reluctant to download it, as all free games are coming with a catch, mostly about the graphics, or sometimes allow online play only, no offline play. I like a game only if I am able to play it against the computer bots. I hate online things. And I want superb graphics, atleast something for my 7900GT. Well, anyway now I am going to download it and try. Tell you the result later.

PS:(I was not actively online for a long time coz of my studies, and now it is going to be my vacation, have a lot of time to do a lot of things Exclamation and thanks frihost for not deleating my account and my non finished website Smile which I lost during the last server fail, and i am on my way to rebuild it from scatch and need lots of time Sad )
neosree I doubt the graphics are going to be killer if it is only 32 Mbs but it looks like an ok game if there are no hooks, seems like there are always something in free games. (e.g. Payers get benefits, bad graphics, both of those.) Wink
Ghost900 wrote:
neosree I doubt the graphics are going to be killer if it is only 32 Mbs but it looks like an ok game if there are no hooks, seems like there are always something in free games. (e.g. Payers get benefits, bad graphics, both of those.) Wink

the graphics are actually quite decent.

decals, particles, trees, grass, 3-d landscape, amazing explosions, ripple effects are sweet.

I don't run it on the highest graphics even, since it uses alot of processor/memory.

the reason why it's free is it's open source. It's a game by the people for the people.

but you have to try it to see what I mean. I tried it before I found out how small it was...and now I'm amazed. (btw. maps take up a good bit of space, that's all I can see...I have 5G of maps, since you can download them in bulk and there are only 2 in the actual installer)
How to download bulkly those maps? I have got a download page with lots of links each link for each map. It will be difficult to donload one by one as there are 1000s of maps available. The game graphics are more good than I expected. For a 32MB game this is amazing, I have played it is the highest possible graphics.

and @cong06, do you have the link to get maps as a single bulky file, or atleast packs of 100 MBs something like that.
well, I guess one of the ways to get maps would be right here:
or here: (which is actually a pretty good sight...I should bookmark it)

but what I ended up doing was downloading a 5gb file of maps. maybe 500+ maps, most of them are stupid, but if you don't mind sorting through them and getting the best ones out...I'm thinking about picking out the top 25 or so and posting them someplace.

also, the maps have ratings, so if you download all of them and sort them by global ratings, then you can see which ones people think are good (some are done by idiots who apparently rated their own product, so you get a pink map, with 1 vote, that's 10; but if sort by global rating, and then filter those out, you should be fine)

The torrent I used to download the 5GB package is located here:

Don't be fooled. The file you download is 0.6MB, but the actual package that comes from running the torrent is 5GB. Kinda confused me....
Anyway. If you don't know anything about Torrents, then you might want to stay way from it, though I guess I could give an over view if anyone desperately wanted it.

Also note: there's a few maps that are corrupt. when you run the program, and it tries to "buffer" them, and fails, then just delete those specific maps.
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