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A Night in Innsbruck

The mountains shined,
With the setting sun
Above the peaks,
Night came to say, “Hello.”

The two of us strolled
On the cobble stone streets below
Hand in hand we walk
Past the city stores and shops

Meandering through the streets
Watching the sun
Seep below the peaks
The final shine upon your face

Night’s moon is full
Lighting our way
Through this alpine town
Seated beside a river so

To the park we walk
To sit below the trees
On the benches
In the summer common

We sit close
As you rest on my shoulder
Moon beams in your hair
The stars in your eyes

I wrap my arm around
To hold your shoulder
Pull you close to keep you warm
For this summer night is brisk

Your eyes close
As if to sleep
I kiss your head to only think
This night is still so young
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