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AJAX, PHP, XHTML some critism pls!

Sup Yall! Very Happy
Aaight I have finally put my website online on frihost server and would love some feedback, constructive or destructive critism welcome, or if you want to just post a one sentence opinion, that would also be greatly appreciated!

I wanted a small portfolio site with fixed with and height that is centered in the page, as there won't be that much content within the website.. It is "all in all" a simple portfolio of my music production work and projects i've been involved in...

Aaight so its a new technology i'm using that I haven't used before, mainly AJAX (Asynchronous Javascript and XML), but its a much more simpler method of ajax, although still using the request object, there aint much XML involved..

Although this is the first time i've dabbled in JS and AJAX, this is one of the best sites i've devloped I reckon, and its almost ready to be opened to public, after the opinions mentioned in this thread....i will make it public and hopefully it will provide some much needed networking for my music product future....

Here is a complete breakdown of how the site was developed.
The original "speaker" interface is a freeware interface I downloaded about 5 years ago, and finally I have found a use for it!!
So the interface was heavily modified by me in Fireworks MX, and some "abstraction" added by a mate doing a rebuild in Freehand and editing and adding "abstract stuff" in photoshop, eg: the abstract background.
The "abstracteness" I orignally recommened would go well with the "formal" aesthetics of the speaker interface, and all in all I am very impressed with the interface and design..I'M sure you'll be as well...

Development & Techonology Used
Ahh, we get to the exciting part. Although it may not seem like it at first, this "small" website has a lot of funtionality incorporated.
- PHP: Complete CMS backend run off MySQL database, using WYSIWYG editor and complete management of all content. This backend is custom build but was "ported" from my main CMS I am currently building. All PHP is 100% original develpoed by me. The 'ported' version of this CMS only includes adding editing and deleteing of information in the database, as there really isn't any need for any other type of functionality (although I will be incorporating my site stats modules any day now to monitor user activity)..
Check the following links for screenshots of content listing and content editing...:

All html used in valid XHTML 1.0 strict, although the main page does not contain a doctype, as adding this doctype would prevent the body background images from appearing and I have no idea researching that... Opinions, suggestions to why browsers (IE & FF) are doing this?

Other than that, an image preloader was incorporated to cache main interface images..

Here's the link:

The site might take a while to load but that's thanx to "cr#p" frihost server 2..

There's still much to come but that's basically it, pls lemme know what you think..
And you can also let me know about my tunez as well..

Well thanx for putting up with long thread, looking forward to replies..
{name here}
I like it from a technical aspect but I find that the site design is a bit overdone. Perhaps go for something more "zen"?
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