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Everything breaks

Pyro Man
My phone is knackered, my MP3 player is dead, my laptop is knackering out. All in a very short period of time. Does anybody have this same problem with electricals?
I tend to break non-expensive things, but when I add all those small things together... it's very expensive. For instance, I break a lot of earplugs for my mp3 players... I've already had 5, so it adds up quickly, haha.

Fortunately I've never had very expensive things to break on me.
Well, I'm careful with my belongings, so it's not very often I break anything. Although, that said, there is a chunk of plastic *missing* of the corner of my laptop right now. Laughing
The Master DCK
i usually those things rather than break them
I think most things are made semi-disposable these days, there ment to break so we buy more...
I also have a tendency to do silly things like dipping my digital camera in the ocean....
Yeah things like that happen to me a little bit, not with too expensive stuff luckily.

Like a few weeks ago i broke my headphones, now i only have left sound, its pretty annoying, but i can live with it now.
I never have a problem with my personal electronics breaking, especially since I have a VERY old-school iPod (the very first version made) that still works perfectly. However, a lot of appliances in my house seem to be breaking lately. Our new dishwasher doesn't wash dishes correctly and leaks water all over the floor, and our even newer microwave seems to be possessed. The light no longer works, and the dish inside spins around even when it's not on, so we need to leave the door open in order to stop that from happening.
poor guy, there is always some period in our life in which everything seem out of control, that's normal, it will pass, life is still beautiful
I dont usually have that problem with electronics because i am CAREFUL with them. treat them with respect and they will do the same for you.

I think it has something to do with cutting costs. I've noticed the quality (and materials used) of products have gone down every year lately. A friend of mine had a habit of breaking CD players with one drop; I've dropped mine a lot, but it was a more expensive and better quality CD player. I guess I've been pretty lucky, I can either repair my electronic devices and the most damage they get is scratches and those protective covers breaking off (such as the protector on cellphone dock connectors). Although it is not a electronic item (and they have quiestionable business practices) I tend to buy Nike running shoes and the spikes on the bottom that are used as grip for better traction have gotten smaller and less useful every year; it seems like they want to turn running shoes into those flat converse shoes!
Pyro Man
My MP3 was used heavily, while I worked, and at school. My phone is 2 years old, and Is dying, and my laptop is used foe school every single day, and goes online at night and is used for hours on end, so its hardly suprising most of my stuff is dying.
Pyro Man wrote:
My phone is knackered, my MP3 player is dead, my laptop is knackering out. All in a very short period of time. Does anybody have this same problem with electricals?

I usually buy low prize producs... like mp3 players with 2 gigs of memmory and so on... it´s all good, for a while.
But sadly you most often get what you pay for, and the stuff breaks Sad
very rare that my electronic devices would fail on me. Like i had my watch for the pass 7 years and it's still working fine, only thing that need to be changed is the battery.
My television, dvd player, speakers, they all worked just fine.
My computer's fine too i suppose, only sometimes the main problem I have is with the software part. Laughing
many electronic equipment have a 1-year warranty, it means that there's a 95% confidence interval level that equipment will not break in a year.
this is my 3rd laptop in 7 years, this time i've bought a macbook and availed their 3-year warranty.
Hmmm there's something familiar about that! At home, loads of things have broken over the past few months: our vacuum cleaner, our pc (2 times in a year), our TV, the central heating, the DSL modem or whatever it's called, a car (!)... twas quite a disaster... Confused
Things are not made to last, if they did why do product manufacturers spend so much money for advertising to try and by the new garbage that’s just been spewed out of their polluting factories?
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