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The Illusionist

Very good movie, if you pay a lot of attention you will see the ending coming, but not quite. I have not seen the prestige yet, but i will soon. I just had to tell all of you who havent seen The Illusionist to go see. I do recomend it.
Heard about here in Brazil, but don't have any idea what is about and what to expect from it.
Any impressions would be really great.
i loved it! from the very sight of it's slogan "everything is an illusian, only love isn't...." i understood, i have to see it!
it's is really-really great! about the world of hand-made magic which apperas only illusian to be and about love and what a creative pearson can make to be with his lover...

i do recommend to watch it too!! Wink
Thanks guys, I was thinking about going and I did. And I must say, the movie is awesome!!
The movie looks nice. great actors Edward Norton and Jessica Biel. I cant wait to see the movie on dvd.
I didn't actually watch this in theatres when I had the chance, but I will definitely check it out on video. It looked really good and I've always liked Edward Norton's stuff, so hey. Thanks for the heads up fellers.
I watched the Illusionist last night and first of all the whole look of the film is enchating and edward norton is great as allways except for his strange acent he using,but thats just me picking a bit.
The ending was quite impressive:you dont know for sure if it was all an illusion because its ends with the policemans ideas what might of happened,as a viewer you have to make you own mind up.
Is she alive or not was it all an ilusion or does he do real magic (and sold himself to the devil?)

A great film and the best ive seen this year Wink
Yes, the Illusionist is a great movie. I went to the movies with my boyfriend, not expecting too much. But I was positive surprised!

If you liked The Illusionist, you would definitive like The Prestige. Same genre, and maybe even better than The Illusionist.
yep I liked the Prestige better....great acting and good storyline.

esp the ending...I never saw it coming.
I want to watch it again, I stil didn't catch something, waiting for the DVD release in Singapore. The movie is really a classic, I love those majics also, even though it is special effects. The story is something really new to me, first time I am seeing this kind of movie. I ususlly like action movies, but this movie changed my mind, I must look for more movies like this or I am losing some real entertainments and happyness that I can get at the end of the movie.If anybody relectant to watch this movie, I recomend them to go and watch it, at the end the happyness you get is very deep. Smile
Edward Norton is very good, Jessica Biel is beautiful (as in very attractive), and Paul Giamatti proves again in this movie that he may well be the best actor of our generation. The real genius is that this movie tells a story that has been told hundred times, but does so in such an interesting way that you don't feel cheated or bored by seeing the same story again. First, the movie is set in Vienna at the turn of the century. Basically, an uptown girl is not allowed to be with a downtown boy. The girl's family disapproves. They are forcibly separated. The boy disappears for many years and eventually returns in search of his lost love. Of course, the girl is now attached to the evil prince whom the boy must now defeat (not because the girl loves the evil prince, but because the evil prince is mean and nasty). The hook is that the boy meets an illusionist and, fascinated by the magic, learns the illusionist's craft and uses it to get close to the girl and wow the crowds in Vienna when he returns for his lost love. I won't give away any more of the plot, but I will say the "how did he that part" is the best part of the movie. The real genius is that with all of the computer graphics and imaging that are used in movies these days, I will still left guessing how the illusionist did the things he did.
Indeed, great movie, but The Prestige was greater! Way better! I've seen it twice in one day! And I could see it as many times as I'd like, without getting bored!
I like this movie, especially he way it is filmed and edited, very special...
I havent watched it yet, but am planning to sometime. Ive already watched the prestige and liked it, if the Illusionist is anything like the Prestige ill probably like it too.
Manus et Therion
I have been looking forward to seeing the Illusionist and The Prestige ever since they both came out - just my type. So now they are on my Blockbuster Video unlimited DVD que. It will be shipped for viewing sometime in the near future. In fact, I'm going to logon to Blockbuster's site and bump them both up to be next on the list.
It's really strange to me that in the past there was no such idea for the movie - illusionists, you know. It's really great that someone came up with that, and in that is originality of the movie. It's also strange how all of the sudden there are two movies about illusionists. I must say I didn't see Prestige yet, but I've seen Illusionist and I like it. It's cool, I liked that heart that he made, and I'm thinking of trying to do the same.
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