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Fast Banner

Did you try to create your site's banner online .?

Try this link

Hi, interesting idea, but got this error:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefrompng() in /home/muslm4/public_html/fastbanner/banner.php on line 24
I got the same thing as well.
I got this :

Fatal error: Call to undefined function: imagecreatefrompng() in /home/muslm4/public_html/fastbanner/banner.php on line 24
as well~

You know, to make a banner, it's usually a good idea to get an image ready and do it from scratch if you intend on doing anything with it, or getting big and alot of viewrs on a webiste....

The banner means a lot to a webiste and should be treated with respective respect.

I would make mine very personalized, and you know, the rest of the layout would be made like that too...

Anyways, as the name suggests, a fast banner, no doubt. But that's just it, it's just fast... Nothing else.
even i got tha same error.

but u want to make ba banner tehn use ur own creativity and u better use photoshop ...
its so powerful that u n might have not imagined...
if want some tips then ask me....
I dont think the link works. These kind of banners are so old school tho. Usually i take a stock photo and edit it abit to use as a banner. Funny thing is that most web 2.0 sites dont even seem to us banners ( youtube, flickr etc. )
Ghost Rider103
I didn't get an error, but I didn't find where to make the banner, but they had templates on their, but that was the closet thing I could find to a banner.

But thats is weird, most sites don't use banners really anymore, and if they do, they are usually pretty small. Most people just have their logo at the top these days.

Though I like to use banners, it gives the site a little more color, and to me really gives the site more life to it in a sense.
I agree with several of the other posts already the best way to make a banner for your site is to make it yourself with a graphics program like Photshop, Gimp, or Paint Shop Pro. Any of these programs will give you a banner that is uniquely yours and one that you will be proud to display on your site.

When you are using a templated site to get your banner made for you then you are stuck with what they have available and the format that they have implemented this drastically restricts what you are able to do.

IF you need some help with any of the programs that I mentioned above then let me know and I will be glad to help you.
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