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Samsung X60plus Notebook review

It has taken me quite a while in fact a few months to decide on which Notebook to buy i eventually decided on the Samsung X60plus which has just been released, i'll start this mini review with the basic specifications of the machine.

Samsung X60plus (MFR# NP-X60TZ01/SUK)

Processor - Intel Core Duo 2 T7200 (2.0ghz).
Memory - 1Gb.
HardDrive - 100Gb SATA.
Optical Drive - DVDRW Duel layer with lightscribe.
Screen - 15.4" WSXGA+ (1680x1050), Superbright (glossy) Widescreen.
Graphics Card - ATI Radeon mobility X1700 (3DMark05 4326 Points).
Other - Remote Control, AV Station Now, Memory Stick reader.

I have been using the X60+ for a few days now my over all impression is a good one, the general build quality seems to be very good, the design and layout seems to be well thought out.
The keyboard feels nicely spaced the keys are responsive and have a nice amount of travel.
The glossy screen gives you loads of desk space when running at its native resolution of 1680x1050, my eyesight is by no means perfect yet i find the high resolution of the display to be a joy to work with, although i did increase the windows icon font size by 1. I now preffer using my X60+ for browsing the internet than using my desktop with a 19" panel but maybe thats just a personal thing.
When i first played with my X60+ i found that the colours seem a little washed out again this could be a personal thing but either way it's very easily rectified using the ATI catalyst drivers adjustments.
The display offers both good brightness and contrast, it also seems to be evenly lit when compared to some other notebook screens on the market.
The notebook gets only slightly warm on the underside although i have not run it for very long durations. The left hand palm rest area also gets slightly warm but nothing to cause a problem, i supose with all the heat producing things that are crammed into a modern notebook one must expect some heat Smile
When Running the X60+ is very quiet it's somtimes hard to tell that it is powered up, obviosly the noise increases slight when the internal fan kicks in but all in all its still a pretty quiet machine.

I will be adding some photo's for anyone interested to my next post and will try to give a little more detail on some of the nice features of the notebook.....

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