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portable apps

what do you think about portable apps?
i just recently found out about it.
i believe it's great to be able to use an application without having to install it first.
this way, you can put it on a usb drive and take it with you anywhere you go.

what portable app would you say is indispensable?
a portable PIM app, in my case, is very useful.
It seems I have used a derivative of firefox browser which runs from a usb drive or cd/dvd without having to install it on the host pc. Its called torpak and basically it allows you to browser annoymously on the internet even bypassing firewalls configured to restrict your surfing. More important in less democratic countries or Guantanamo Bay but I doubt they have computers there considering that they see these people as something less than human.

Yeah this is an interesting technology but not nearly as interesting to me as the advances being made in web based application development which really does offer fantastic possiblities. Imagine only having to install a browser on your pc and running all your programs from the web that way you don't have to install any programs with all that entails in Microsoft operating systems. The endless updates and reboots to complete update installation. This really is time consuming and boring and if someone else is going to do this for us and we just continue to use without even noticing any difference. Wow now that is worth talking about.

The beginnings are already out there - think google office. May not be great at the minute but its potential which is the greatest thing we have to offer.

Guess what the best of all is for anyone who hates Microsoft. You won't even have to install there darn bug ridden, crash prone operating system as linux can load a browser just as capably as any Microsoft one can and indeed many would argue it does it a whole lot better.

Microsoft cannot control these developments and I am sure they are sitting there horrified at the thought. Perhaps this explains their more amorous approaches to the open source community as of late and the adoption of XML file saving in their latest office suite. This makes life much easier for to better handle opening MS Office saved files.
They are good app. specially if you are carrying flash and it will run whereever you are as long as you have pc in front of you

my favorite application is portable office and firefox
Well, true mobility for me comes with livecd distributives (which can also be run from flash-drives). As far as I consernes, openoffice, firefox and hundreds of other programs work with windows pe bart edition. When I used it I could not belive that livecd can be so awesome. Maybe this is not the right place to advertise such thing, but I loved it.
With the increase in portability of software, we can just bring along our portable 20 GB hard drive or a flash drive instead of our laptop anymore.

There are a lot of portable applications available at just for those interested. Wink
I use the couple of portable applications,

FileZilla and FireFox....
My favorites on Windows:

Putty (ssh);
FileZilla (ftp);
Eclipse (java);
KeePass (password management);
Thunderbird (email);
I love using my flash drive because i can take Firefox with me and use it at school.

I found a complete list at Wikipedia.
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