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Website ideas

Finally, I am thinking of making a new website. Reading is one of my favourite habits. I am thinking about making a site with reviews of the books that I read, with the feature that registered members can add their own reviews, and all that. And now I am also trying my hand at writing stuff, like stories, so expand this website to include writing topics in it too. Do you all think such a site would be popular or would do well? Or, have you got any other ideas?
If I were you, the first thing I'd do is a power search in Google for 'user submitted book reviews' (and similar keyphrases) to see what the competition is like (if there is any) in this genre. Then I'd hit up as many sites that implemented that idea and find out what makes the site work for them and what keywords they're optimizing the site for. Then I'd hit up WordTracker, KeywordDiscovery and the Google Adwords Analytic tool and research all the best keywords related to your idea. Then I'd start building the site (if at this point I'll still thought it was a viable idea).
One thing I've learned is that a website needs to be extremely specific. When beginning a website, it is tempting to choose a very broad topic because it will be far easier to gather lots of content. However, just like when writing a paper for school, a specific topic is more directional and runs deeper than a broadly researched topic. It will (hopefully) catch on with a group of people interested in that one topic and are looking for information on it.

Someone on these forums recently was asking about starting an "entertainment" website. Well, "entertainment" is far too broad to make one website about. When I hear a site about "books" I think the same thing, what kind of books? Mystery novels? Cheesy Romance paperbacks? A survey of history textbooks? Where is your niche? When you find it and research it and develop tons of quality content on that one specific topic, people will come.

Good luck with the new website! It looks like a lot of work, but a lot of fun, too!
I'm not necessarily saying that you have a bad idea there, but you need to ask yourself why people should come to your site.

I read a lot and read online book reviews fairly often but tend to read them on Amazon or Indigo or on some of the newspaper sites.

What would make yours different and/or better?
i have several great idead for different websites plus a .net domain parked i just need someone who can help me bring my own ideas to life.

if anyone else would like to create a website and has great ideas and would to work with me on this project then please pm me.
Websites where users can get involved, submit their own thing and share their thoughts aswell as their opinions on thoughts of other users are always very popular.
Seems doable with bookreading folk.
You know, this website, if you do listen to what people have said and suggestions that have suggested the user input...

This is going to take lots of work and time.

This is an interesting idea to make a website on. You have much much competition like amazon and those even if it's just to sell books and has user reviews, but still the same topic and would come way before your hit on a search engine.

This is going to be a complicated website, most likley using PHP or ASP, becuase of the enormous ammount of pages that will be created, with reviews and user input.

This is not a very "hot" topic if you know what I mean. But of course, you could just make this website for fun, and not generate any revenue. I do that sometimes.

Whatever you do, I have faith. Good luck to you my man.
Yeah I forgot about Amazon and sites like that. saratdear, you'd have to find some completely new approach or angle to book reviews that would make your site stand out from the crowd. I'd try exploring all the other book review sites and try to find something that there's a need for that isn't readily available or provided by the other sites. That would be your niche if you wanted to stick with this idea.
I think the idea about letting members post stories that they have written could be developed into a winning site. There are a lot of people that enjoy writting and a lot of people that would like to read stories from these writters so you may want to think about that idea and see what you come up with on that scope and this would be a market that is competing with the book reviewers.

The key is doing the research first. See if there are a lot of other sites doing what you are wnating to do and look at them and develop ideas that will make you competitive with these sites.

Good luck with what you are wanting to do and gather your ideas first then refine them.
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