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Robin Hood


I have been watching this series now for a few weeks, and have found it to be one of the best renditions of this story for a while.
Well done BBC for a change, for bringing us this one.

LB Cool
You should watch Robin Hood Men in Tights, I think that it the best rendition ever made!!
Oh yes, I completely agree with wiehls. I was just about to suggest you watch this movie but wiehls beat me to it. *grin* Seriously though, if you love Robin Hood, which I assume you do, lavaboy, then go! Watch Robin Hood: Men in Tights -- now! ^__^ You'll be, honest to god, doubling over and laughing your behind off... and then your behind will be rolling right next to you guffawing as well. *cheeky grin*

-- scryoko

I've seen Robin Hood men in Tights a while ago, brilliant film, but it's a spoof of the REAL (lol) Robin Hood.

LB Cool
Robin Hood, is fantastic family viewing. I love it with the over the top fight scenes and Keith Allen is just a master as the sheriff.

It's a briliant show that my wife and 10 year old son sit down and watch with me... Great!
I love robin hood men in tights. Wonderful comedy!! I just love movies with a sense of humour, but then who doesnot. For those who hasnt watched then u should do it sometime!
I love this new version from the BBC, if anyone ever saw any of the others like robin of sherwood it is far superior and worth watching just for the wit of Keith Allen playing the sheriff, my kids love to watch it too.
Every now and then I still get that song "We're men... we're men in tiiight, tights" stuck in my head. Usually when someone mentions tights. Or Robin Hood. Or men in tights.
Wow, my word association abilities are right up there, aren't they?! Come join me up here won't you... *whimper*... it's lonely at the top Anxious
Classic movie, though.
Ok, I saw the last episode of the series the other night and it was rubbish... I mean really, really bad... It can't seem to make it's mind up whether it wants to be the most cheese ridden thing on the BBC schedule but it hands down is...

Awful programme
I think if someone asked me, I could quote the ENTIRE men in tights version of Robin Hood. I think it's absolutely brilliant and hilarious. I've seen other versions, and this one still rates the highest in my book. I'm just waiting for it to come out on DVD. I can't believe it hasn't come out yet. But yes, if you haven't seen Men in Tights, you must watch it..."because, unlike some other Robin Hoods, [he's] the only one with an English accent!"
It is a very good series
But I rarley watch it cause it is my work time
I really liked Robin Hood: Men in Tights and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.... I'm not sure how I feel about the BBC television show, though.

:/ I didn't find the first episode all that compelling (possibly because I didn't watch it straight though, but instead in five minute bursts?), and I'm wondering if I should keep at it or just skip to Rome (which I also haven't watched).

:( Does it get better?
Ah yes, those were the good old days, I remember watching Robin Hood Men in Tights a long long time ago. Havent seen it in a while as for the new series I really havent seen it yet.
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