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Hey everyone,
I was wondering what the age restriction for Paypal is, the rules and conditions are about 15 pages long and I dont even know if its there.
Loads of kids seem to be on Ebay so maybe under-18s can have it, if not could someone please tell me an Australian/International one that does.


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1. Eligibility. To use the Service you must register for a Personal, Premier, or Business account. Users may only hold one Personal account and either one Premier or one Business account. Our Services are only available to individuals or businesses that can form legally-binding contracts under applicable law. Without limiting the foregoing, our Service is not available to minors (under 18), or to persons who are suspended from our Service. Personal accounts are for personal use only. Where PayPal forms the opinion that a Personal account is being used in conjunction with a business we may suspend your account or require you to upgrade to a Premier or Business account.
(Source: PayPal User Agreement for Australian users, colour highlight added.)

BidPay is the same:
a. User represents and warrants that, at the time of completing the BidPay registration process, User is at least 18 years of age.
(Source: BidPay Service Terms and Conditions, colour highlight added.)

So, it looks like that answers the official side of the question. As to what the other minors may be using for eBay, it's hard to say. It would seem they're just breaking the rules (maybe even the law), since:
While using the Sites, you will not:
  • ...
  • ...
  • use the Sites if you are not able to form legally binding contracts, are under the age of 18, or are temporarily or indefinitely suspended from our Sites;
(Source: eBay User Agreement, colour highlight added.)

Thus, it wouldn't matter whether a minor could use PayPal, BidPay, or any other payment service, since minors are not allowed to use eBay. Perhaps the best approach is to have one's parents make the purchase legitimately.
Perhaps the best approach is to have one's parents make the purchase legitimately.

Very true, I also think that is the best idea.
i know tons of underage people who have paypal. but ... meh.
i am 14 and i "do not have one " Wink Wink it never ask for an age if i were to sign up. Wink
Paypal is, despite people wanting it to be something else, a monatary institution, operating under the laws of the United States.

Simply put, US law does not reconize anyone under 18 as an actual person. They do not have the right to enter into any contract themselves. This means that any transaction Paypal (or anyone else) makes with a minor is, on the face of it, invalid.
Another interesting thing is that, despite Paypal having access to your accounts and holding money for you, the money it holds it not yours.

Under it's service agreement, it is legally Paypal's bank account and they are just giving you access.

I like to refer most people here. It takes a bit of reading, though.
Yeah, its 18, but that's not heavily enforced at all.
Ya, they can't enforce it that much...... You can just have a parent or sibling sign up for you and you have control over the account.....

How Would I KNOW??? Don't ask!
i need more merchant accepting e-gold
paypal is to many limitations
Paypal is pretty good. I'm under 18 and use it.
whats the differnce between a personal account and a business account ? if i want to to transactions only account to account a personal account is enough ? lets say if if i sell customise e-cards to people ?
Better just add something official. Frihost in no way supports, encourages or condones, users under 18 years of age, registering on paypal or any other sites where the minimum age limit is 18.

By the way, I wouldn't admit to doing that. I'm sure it's illegal to lie about your age in such a way, though that would depend on the location of yourselfs and the service.
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