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Fake Gamestop Robbery

As you may recall, a number of violent incidents were reported last week
surrounding the launch of the PS3. One of them was from my area--a masked
gunman reportedly robbed a GameStop at gunpoint and stole three PS3 consoles
the day before launch. Today, the newspaper is reporting that the theft was
staged by two 19 year-old GameStop employees. Way to go! Lose your cushy
job and start your adulthood with a criminal record...all so that you can
own a PS3 (or make a few hundred dollars selling them).

I'd hate to be the person who bought the stolen goods for $1,500 via eBay...
That is very wrong. People waited hours if not days for the game systems. The ps3 had atleast couple days of waiting in line at bestbuy.
Yeah, no doubt. I would have suggested the bring back the "burning at the stake" just for those bastards.
What people won't do for video games or a quick buck Razz At least no one got injured though, I'm surprised I didn't hear any "My grandmother got mauled by a mob of people when the trucks came with the new shipment of PS3's!" stories. I once heard a story where some lady broke her leg when a bunch of people ran into a store for cheap laptops when the store only had 2 in stock and 40 people wanted them, some promotions stores use to get you into them can be deadly Shocked although those were laptops and not new generation consoles...
Wow, complete idioits.

Still funny nontheless.
wow, thats odd of him to do such a thing, i think it was great that the old emplyies got him, he would also be a big newbie noob cheater if he could gain it before the rest of the world ( ha ha ) he probetly used noclip, hehe

well, any as know what he got juged?
That's completely ridiculous. Anyone who would stage a robbery just to get three PS3s is a complete idiot. I personally feel sorry for the people who would've bought them from the store had they not been stolen. Just imagine if you were one of the three people in line after they sold the last one. Then to find out that there were three that were stolen by employees...I would hunt them down and do things to them that aren't appropriate to write here. Eh hem...anyway, they deserve whatever punishment is coming to them and more for being such lowlife scum.
Yeah that store is about an hour away from me... morons. Though the fact that they're that stupid is funny.
A guy I know bought 2 and sold em' for 1,000+

luck jerk...
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