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I study as much as is possible with work and family. They come first. Smile
Yah right! Knowledge can never be stolen on our being. We have to study well to succeed. But we should always find time with our family and ourself.
I agree with you. It is very important to study and to improve your knowledge if you want to have a successful career. Being ambitious is good and it motivates you to go to the top.

However, I’ve seen so many people who became “slaves” of their job because they didn’t know to balance time between job and family. They never have time for their friends and family… And when they get older they realize that they don’t have anything except their jobs. They end up alone. It’s very sad.

I think that those people who manage to have healthy family and social life are much happier and that they have all support needed to be successful with their career, too. Family comes first.
There you have a point, but you have to make some choices in life. You can't make money for a family of 5 without education...
I'm getting very sick of studying, been within the education sector for nearly 14 years now, and its seriously getting to be a pain.

Studying is very important of course, and it is fun and pleasure if you're going for a job you really love.
Many people connect education only with a grade you pass to take up this or that job. But to my mind the other important component of a successful and educated person is self education. It's good to be a specialist in something, but knowing at least the basics of all important topics makes it easier to comunicate with different people.
It's not a problem when you're younger and more ambitious. Studying, as well as any other excercise for your brain will only make it better.

As for importance... If you ask me, I'd say family is more important, BUT it's not the centre of the Universe. Better if you pay attention both to studying and people near you.
Studying seems to be sometimes boring and sometimes fun. For me I really enjoy studying right know because I'm really interested to computers though its really broad. I concentrate in studying more on web developing and database designing. It's really cool! Plus I really like to work in IT Industry. Smile
Since very long time i tell myself to do not have a familly before end of study,but now i fight with my feeling seeing another boy with his girl!So i start looking for girls .

Study is very importatnt in human life! I see it in my family couse one of they member lose job couse don't have enought experinence Evil or Very Mad
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