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new dog

I just got a new dog. Someone threw her from a moving car onto the road in front of my husband and he brought her home. How could someone do this to little tiny dogs. She is a cute little thing. She doesn't appear to be injured and she is eating well and pottying well no fever so I think she will be ok. I cannot believe people would be that mean. Almost anything is better than slow starvation on the streets for some of these abandoned pets. Confused
Are you sure that your husband stole the dog? Or did you saw it? Very Happy Thats not a good thing to do... But are you going to keep the dog?
My neighbor rescued 3 jack russel type puppies like that, a bag throwed out of a car Mad .
Make you mad doesnt it? Not that she rescued them haha but that ppl could be so russless... there is enought rescues center around to take care of unwanted pet !

So are you going to keep the little dog ?
Bad when people get rid of unwanted pets in the way like that. I -could- understand such a position in my country, since rescues system is not developed here - THOUGH you may always give a dog away or put it down. The more nasty it is for someone who lives in a more civilized country where there are many rescues around...
My friend, a vet student too, once found a cat which was most likely abandoned in the way like that. She was wrapped in some cloth bit and was lying near the road. When my friend found her, she was still alive, alone in the cold street, with her back and jaw broken. She couldn't walk, but drew Ann's attention when twitching. Ann took her home, but couldn't leave her because she has several dogs. I remember she asked me if I could take the poor cat, or find someone who could - but alas my own dog does not tolerate dogs too. The kitty finally found someone to care for her, but she was not likely to survive with such injuries and hypotermia. Unfortunately, I don't know if the cat is still alive or not, I've lost contact with Ann. But the occasion with the little cat still makes me upset. How can people be so heartless...
It makes me sick that people can do that to animals. If a person has an animal that they don't want, is it really that hard to cut holes in a cardboard box, put the animal inside, and leave it on the doorstep of a shelter? There are obviously better ways than this, but most people don't want to be identified when giving up a cat or a dog.

Two of my cats came to my family as strays, a third cat was adopted at a local animal hospital after the unfortunate death of the second, and my dog was adopted from a rescue group. After reading the stories here, I'm glad I'm not the only one who has the decency to help the animals that other people mistreat and dispose of.
it makes me mad that people can't at least take it to an organization like the SPCA or something like that so they can be adopted. Well its nice that you guys rescured the dog. I hope you guys take good care of the dog. It truely needs the love. Its people like you that i truely like because the'll take something off the streets like that.
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