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Characters Of Final Fantasy X-2

Characters OF FFX-2


Name - Yuna
Age - 19
Weapon - Guns
Sphere Group - The Gullwings
Default Dress - Gunner
About - The innocent, conservative looking Yuna from 2 years ago is no more. Now with the help of The Gullwings sphere group, Yuna, accompanied by her cousin Rikku and new friend Paine, will embark on a journey sparked by a sphere to search with all her strength to find her lost love.



Name - Rikku
Age - 17
Weapon - Daggers
Sphere Group - The Gullwings
Default Dress - Theif
About - The spunky little Al Bhed is back with a new do and a brand new wardrobe . . well, lack there of. With the help of her sphere group, The Gullwings, she'll tag along with Yuna and Paine on their adventure.


Name - Paine
Age - 18
Weapon - Sword
Sphere Group - The Gullwings
Default Dress - Warrior
About - This dark, enigmatic girl is no stranger to sadness. After becoming an orphan, like many other children due to sin, she joined up with The Gullwings sphere group, shortly before Yuna joined herself. Along with Rikku and Yuna, perhaps some light will be shed on her clouded past . . .


Name - Lenne
Age - ?
Weapon - ?
Sphere Group - ?
Default Dress - ?
About - This mysterious character has a connection to Shuin, and somehow can posess Yuna's Songstress dress . . .


Name - Shuyin
Age - ?
Weapon - ?
Sphere Group - ?
Default Dress - ?
About - This mysterious character was executed for trying to steal and use the Vegnagun, a destructive weapon held under Bevelle. Is he here help Yuna, or to continue his devious ways? And why does he resemble Tidus! Is there some connection . . .
What's the point of this topic?
I know...ecpecially for a game thats been out for years...and a game that sucks!
This is game i'm verry lice, and i verry lice Yuna, he is verry interesting Laughing Laughing Laughing Cool Cool Cool
first off lice or nice since they mean two diffrent things...second Yuna is a girl...and third this game was not as good as X and not as good as any of the other FF's...
this game could have been made a bit better... alot better... but overall the opening was pretty good in my opinion - *hums Real Emotions*
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