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Spider-man 2

i like it cause u can climb & swing from buildings also that the easiest fastest to get around & boost hero points is do unasked missions like get robbery or retrevail.
I might rent this sometime.

Doesn't seem like a buying game, though.
Spiderman was okay...tho...i don't feel like renting this...i unno why money could be better spent on gum or something...
yes, al spider-man pc games are unsuccessful copies of console games which aren't something special...
This ain't a pc game

Its the ps2 game
yes it was ps2 game.

but there is a conversion.
I own both Spiderman and Spiderman 2 for the PC. But due to some reasons, i prefer playing the first spiderman game.. The PS2 version of spiderman 2 is a lot better compared to the PC version.. It seems the graphics are a bit cartoonish.. I dunno.. Its just my opinion.. Confused
I don't like the computer version of Spiderman 2, it seems like a kid's game Very Happy
some one have a link of the game?
I own the game but have not got past mystirio. its the pc version. when ever I pick up the rocks they all the sudden just blow up in my hands and it kills my health. has anyone here know how to prevent that or something because its really really really really really! getting on my stupid stinking nearves!!!!! I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE ITTTTTT!!!!!!!!
any one going to help me or not! sorry for the rudeness. its just IM going crazy over it! its almost like im turning into a PHYSCO!!!!!!!!
I love the fact that u can run around all of New York. I like jumping from the Empire State building and trying to land on the street. HAHA. This game rules!
Spider-Man 2 has all the elements of a good, but not great, superhero motion picture. While lacking the tragic grandeur that made last year's Hulk such a unique experience, Spider-Man 2 fills the void with solid character development, self-referential humor, effects-enhanced action, and (unfortunately) talky pop psychology. A worthy sequel to the 2002 blockbuster, Spider-Man 2 will deposit fans somewhere on the satisfaction spectrum between quietly pleased and overjoyed. Although not as economical with its scenes as the first Spider-Man, this film nevertheless advances the leftover threads from its predecessor, tells its own self-contained tale, and dangles enough bait to hint at where Spider-Man 3 will be heading.
I wanted to check Spiderman 2 out on ps2 at my local Blockbuster but they never had it so I ended up getting Ultimate spiderman instead, I was surprised with it and enjoyed the controls and being able to play Venom was a major plus.

But next time I go back to Blockbuster, I will check out getting Spiderman 2 again.
I've only played the demos of Spidey & Spidey 2 on the PC, and although they were pretty fun, they never made me want to get the full game. I recently played the 'Ultimate Spiderman' game though, and that was really fun. I might try and pick it up on the Gamecube, since it's the kind of game that would benefit from a controller over a keyboard.
Swinging around in the city feels great in this game, but that's the only special thing about it in my opinion. The missions are boring and the enemies look dull... I got it for cheap so I'm happy with it.
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