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A series of unfortunate events

I like this book cause it shows a distinct passion of children so to say losing their parents when the parents aren't even in the house when the fire starts.

If you ain't read it ,i'll tell you a little blerp

Violet is an inventor,when she ties a ribbon in her hair you know shes going to invent something

Claus is a reader of a thousand books & he never forgets anything he reads.

Sunny is the biter,she sinks her teeth into anything! Even tin cans, but the sad thing is when their house is burnt & things that parents hide become seen.Claus finds a spy glass in a desk draw & they're sent to count olaf (hes the evil one),He actually isn't even related to them. He actually tries to get their money which a million pounds + ,the wierd thing about his house is it's covered in eyes. Not real ones,he's got eye decorations looking at you. the house is a mess. Thats all i'm gonna tell you.
I adore his writing style, his narrative voice. Though obviously for children and very simple and silly, these books are So Very Different from the usual sort of mindlessly unchallenging and predictably cheerful drivel people write for children that I really thing everyone should at least know they exist to consider giving them to any children you might know.
It's got this refreshingly old-fashioned and unpatronizing tone. I wish these had been around when I was small. It's EXACTLY the sort of thing I'd have loved. I recommend them to unusually interesting children and thier parents all the time.
There are currently 12 (or maybe 13) books in the series. It appears from the title of the last one, that there will only be one more in the series, but who knows!

They are good, I recommend them.
I'm on the 11th book right now. I like them, although after a while the writing styly does bore me since it's obviously aimed at children...

That's why I take long breaks between the books. Cool
Havent heard of these books in ages, though i've got them sitting on my bookshelf - the first 12 of them atleast. Pretty great children books.

There will be 13 books in the series (Unlucky 13)

Last book i remember is when they're Arsonists, Murders, and wanted for a few other unlucky things, i should probably re-read the entire series.

Been meening to see this movie as well.. anyone know if its any good at all?
i read them in third grad eor something. they were very good but i am not sure i would like them now. the movie was absolutely horrible! the acting was really poorly done. They shoudl have kept the story in order. Lastly, the comic relief with the baby was so stupid and just really annoying
i haven't read the books for this. I saw the film, the name I don't remember but it stared Jim Carrey as the count. I thought the film was superb, I really liked the dark style to it. Can anyone give me a comparison of the book and film - are they approximate or very different?
I read the first book, and saw the movie. It was very entertaining. I also recently acquired all of them on audio book, but have yet to listen to them. It is nice to see a nice twist, having books end unhappily instead of the usual stuff.
I really like the books. They have a unique style about them, and that's one of the reasons that they're so nice. They aren't really nice, since nothing goes wrong, but they're a good series. Lemony Snicket has created some really dynamic charactors, and the series would've fell without them. The storyline wouldn't be the same without Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and Count Olaf.

Comparing the books with the movie, I can't remember a lot. I think that the movie was a fair judge of whether or not you'd like the books, but I think you'd still benefit from reading the books. The movie includes up to the Wide Window, I'm pretty sure, but the ending was the ending from book #1. It sounds confusing, but it was wrapped up pretty well. I liked the acting, and it was turned it to a sort of a "dark comedy," which is kind-of the style of the books.
I thought the movie was amazing,

The scenes with the noveau art decorations and abstract laws of physics governiing them were superb (such as the house on the cliff in which all the owners fears become fulfilled).

Violet's hair styles where captivating + Olaf's off beat nonchalance, ego and almost semi-organic (in a completely dead way) home and dress set a great tone for the movie.

It's probably my favourite book adaption by a good mile and one of my no.1 media experiences.
One of my favourite books ever! Im soo excited for the last book to come out! But also really sad its going to be over Sad

There are probably going to be so many questions left open which will really piss me off, because I want to be able to understand everything Razz

But I was kind of dissapointed with the movie, it was really different from the books and I didnt like how the wedding was at the end instead of the beginning, and how they stopped her from getting married was different

Oh well, I really hope they make a second one! It will be good, the books always keep getting better
I saw this movie but didn't read the book. I really didn't like the movie. I found it to be quite bouring actually. Would you say the book is better? How long is the book too?
Blaster wrote:
I saw this movie but didn't read the book. I really didn't like the movie. I found it to be quite bouring actually. Would you say the book is better? How long is the book too?

i liked the movie. it reminded me the stories that i read when i was a child.
I haven't read any of these books in years, but i can remember absolutely hating them back when they were really popular. they just seemed so freaking corny and fake. i prefer books with intellectual weight, and by that i do not mean only the classics.
Oh I HATE those books, like the author, who's name I will not say until we know the real name, just creates the most improbable situations and throws his characters around like a rag doll, why?, because he can, rather then create a quality book he makes the least amount of sense ever seen in books.
More like the unfortunate series.....I hate these books, talk about depressing. No wonder all the kids today get around in black and white, cut themselves for attention and call themselves "emos"
That's a funny post Kath....the books are far from depressing in my opinion...they are hilarious(and i'm in my 20's)!!!

I started reading them in 2001 and I just got the 13th for xmas, YAY!!!! They are easy reading, don't take much time (they only take an hour or two) and they have so many hidden references they are great for anyone who likes to investigate or who has a creative mind! I don't personally investigate the things in the book...but I know I could!...I've seen websites where sunny's baby talk (which seems to be babble) was identified as authors or other interesting words.

Unfortunately the movie is something to be afraid of, unlike the book...hahaha! I didn't like the movie very much but then has any book ever been made into a good movie???? I will probably not run out to see any of the other movies, instead I will try and uncover the mysteries that lie in the "Beatrice Letter".
I actually really like this series! Of course, the language is very much for kids, although some of the humor is very adult. Of course I was devastated that Jim Carrey played Count Olaf in the movie. I was sooooooooo afraif of Count Olaf, the way he was portrayed in the book, and Jim Carrey made him almost comical. Shame.
I love them, especially the fact that that I can learn so many new words from Claus.
I love this book.
I like the way the writer use to narrate.
It can make me smile and I can learn a new word from him Very Happy

I've just finish the 13th book and I don't impress the ending.
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