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DHOOM 2 Back in action- the robbing game again

Did anybody watch DHOOM - 2? The latest hit from Bollywood. It was released in singapore 2 days ago. I watch it yesterday. The movie is again the same robbing game. Also this is the first Bollywood movie to be filmed in Brazil.

Here is the link to movie description in imdb:

And I find this comment made by an imdb user:
Dhoom 2 is an epitome of a Bollywood movie with international standards. The camera-work, technology, stunts, and acting can all be compared to the Hollywood. The acting, in particular was splendid-the way Hrithik Roshan performed in this movie is just spectacular. He stole the show and his acting blatantly shows his uniqueness as an actor. Moreover, girls were going crazy over him-"THAT IS THE SEXIEST GUY ALIVE!!!!" were the exact words that came out of the college girls. Ash and Bipasha were really good as well. Ash acted pretty well and, as always, very beautiful. While Bipasha was on the screen, jaws opened wide open-she was SO sexy. Uday did a really good job as well, Dhoom 2 portrays his potential as a comedian. Abhishek, as always, did well in the acting department but I thought he wasn't up to the mark. Clothes weren't looking that good on him and I liked him much more in Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna. The stunts in the movie were really good, and boy, the make up. The way Hrithik was disguised in his roles as different people was just splendid. There is this one scene where he disguises as a statue-that was just amazing. Well, some of the stunts in the movie were just impossible to be true, but the computer effects were really good. The camera-work should be praised as well, and the director did a really good job. Thus, DHOOM 2 is a BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE! And I am forced to say, Hrithik plays a major hand in its success.

That is all what I want to say. But I personally find abhishek did the job very well according to his charector.

And Hrithik is just amazing once again after Krrish.
planning to watch it today...Dhoom was BIG in India and I know this will be be even BIGGER...this is proving out to be Hrithiks year.
I wont watch it. All the reviews have been terrible.
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