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Twilight Zone

Now I dont know about you guys but this is an awsome TV show, it sparked the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror in California Adventure in California, and I think Disney are all genious to make it! Im trying to find and buy all the episodes and watch them all in one night, some times there are marathons of this show on and I try to watch as many of those as I can!

Please post your comments about this show here! I would love to know all about what you think of it!!

Later all!

I have seen quite a few episodes of it. I would have to say it is one of the best science fiction series to ever have been created.

I think my list might be:
1. Twilight Zone
2. New Outer Limits
3. Sliders
4. Quantum Leap

Twilight Zone was the one that started it all though.
James Yu
I saw a few at my night shifts~

excellent show with some great idea, even it is only a small cast series, but I could see some innovative ideas.

If Hollywood would invest more on this series, I am sure it would be a gold mine for the company!

Love it~
I really like the Twilight Zone. It's neat how they never really explain what's going on and then pull some unexpected twist at the end. It's one of those shows that you have to sit back and think about for a little while.
I also love the narrations.
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