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Remote Desktop XP PRO - XP Home

I am having some trouble with connecting to my laptop from my PC on remote desktop My PC has XP Pro and my laptop had XP home. Do i need to install something on xp home for it to work or something?

I don't believe XP home edition can be used that way. The remote desktop is a 'terminal server' which is something in windows that dates back to NT 4 days... There was an NT 4 Terminal Server Edition. The home version of Windows lacks what is known as "Advanced networking features" and microsoft expects people to pay for the pro version to have those features.

You would need enable remote desktop on the pro version and use the home version as the client computer to connect. The other way to handle this would be to use a non-microsoft program on the home version!

I would recommend giving TightVNC a try for the later scenario... It is an open source GPL freeware program! I've never had occasion to install it myself but I've read a lot of good things about it:
You can only "dial-in" to a PC running XP Pro, although you can use any Windows XP computer (either Home or Pro) to connect to the remote desktop. I'd recomend a program such as RealVNC which will run on any PC and across several operating systems.
You can also try going to and installing the remote destop connection software. I have tried doing this on MCE but it didnt work because the remote desktop was already installed, just not accessible. In MCE I was able to get the remote desktop connection working through the windows media center program options.
i suggest you team viewer for xp home , it is free for personal use just get it and run it , it will give you an ID as well as a password (you don't need to install team viewer on none of computers, just run it !) then enter that information on another computer and your remote connection will be made without any pain Wink
team viewer or logmein
with the pro versions you can even stream games i use to play games in my eepc 701
remotly using a sever has game host and the eeepc has remote console
with a good internet conection and good hardware you will not have lag problems at all
plus i forgot to mention logmein gives you the possibility to use wake on lan
which means you can switch on a computer remotly
just use a third party software named teamviewer that is really reliable and secure(ask whoever you want and he is going to prove me right)
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