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So this new girl moves into the area, and i got to know her last night. We talked for what had to be close to 10 hours. She seems like a incredibly amazing girl, but I'm not rushing anything because i still want to get to know her better. She even seems to like me a little bit. I woke up this morning and got online to ask one of my friends a question, when another one of my friends IM's me. He's all excited because "some hot chick" wants to be his friend on myspace. he wont' stop talking about her and he's never even talked to her before. Even though he's a really good friend of mine, i know he's a complete girl user. He's trying to get me to talk to this girl so we can hang out at the mall later today, and i was already planning on going to the mall with her later on. I honestly don't know what to. Should I confront him, or confront her? Because i really don't have any right to say that "she's mine" or anything. I just feel like i'm being shot down right now because i'm the guy that actually likes her for who she is, not just because she's the most beautiful girl i've ever seen. Will it just work itself out on it's own? Help please T_T
If he is your friend, he would undestand, if you said to him you want this girl so he should not meet her
Sounds like your friend cares more about himself and his...enjoyment...then he does you. I think his goal is to use the "hot chick" simply because she's hot, and I don't feel that he's concerned with your feelings at all. I'd talk to him about it, and if you have to, tell her you like her and claim her first. Lol.
First did you meet her on MySpace? Because it could be that if you had her first, then she added him just because he was on your friends list. If she actually wants to meet him and it isn't one-sided on your friends behalf, ask her what's going on and why she wants to hang out with him and ask if you can come with since you're asking for your "friend" anyway. Then I'd also talk to your dude too.
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