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Do you enter your information on your profile?
No, Nobody needs to know
 28%  [ 8 ]
No, I rather stay anonymous online :)
 0%  [ 0 ]
No, I'm scared to get my information in the wrong hands
 3%  [ 1 ]
Yes, I like to get to know peeps online and actually be aware that I am in contact with real people. I wanna know where they live their real names and maybe en up making some real friends
 14%  [ 4 ]
Yes, just because it's there!
 39%  [ 11 ]
Well, It depends (Please Explain!!)
 14%  [ 4 ]
Total Votes : 28

I noticed that alot of people don't add anything in their profiles.
I was wonderin why the forums would have build-in profile-options if nobody uses em.
In most cases the profile button is useless, since it will just lead to an empty page.
Well it's an intergrated part of phpBB and a lot of people do use it so there's no point in removing it for everyone. It would be a lot of work to actually rip that out of phpBB thinking about it... I don't really get your argument Confused
can always share my profile from elsewhere ( myspace and Hi5 ) :
I don't, simply because I can't be bothered Smile
Josso wrote:
Well it's an intergrated part of phpBB and a lot of people do use it so there's no point in removing it for everyone. It would be a lot of work to actually rip that out of phpBB thinking about it... I don't really get your argument Confused
I don't mean that they should remove it. I simply wonder why most internet services allow people to have profiles when most people don't even have the time to fill em out. I know that ripping the profile part would be allot of work and I don't suggest that it be removed. I am just doing somewhat of a survey to see how most internet/forum users think and react. The way people make use of features shows how usefull or useless those features actually are and which features should be worked on to be better or corrected:)
I mostly look at the Poll stats
Well it depends in my case, depends on what kind of forum im in, if it's a gaming forum i put info about my gaming life, if it's some sport forum i put sport info...
Here i've putted something i can't remember at the moment, i did it probably when i was bored.
Anyway who the hell cares about my personal info in a forum with few thousands users, not that im like famous or anything...
I fill basic space in profile and foor others, like "Interests" and "Occupation" is very boooring...
I don't need to fill them, 'cause I think people don't need to see it in my profile.
I don't fill in the more personal stuff. I just fill in the occupation, interests, and maybe state, but no more that than. I just don't want to reveal too much info about me. Razz
No, I don't want anybody that I don't know talking to me, or anything. Since I atleast want to know who they are, if they want to know something of me. But, I can fill out the occupations and such, I just won't fill out my IM information.
I fill out some things in the profile, but not that much. Partly because I don't like the idea of too much personal information about me for easy access, and partly because I'm lazy, especially because I post on several forums.
Well I put in most of the info that I can on my profile, expressibly the Occupations and Interests part, why? Because early in my topic in Marketplace I needed to find a web designer so that the website could start, I looked in peoples interests and occupation, I keep mine filled in because maybe someone needs some graphics they can see my interests in my profile, PM me and I can help.
Thats why mine is filled in and I think every one should at least fill in that part.
OK, but how many people are there who have split-personalities. e.g.: Who they are online is completely different from who they are in real life. I've know that ppl like that are out there.
I fill in a few things, depends on my mood.

I do have MySpace if people want to look at my profile. Very Happy
It depends.

But in general I don΄t provide my name, but I dont mind telling others my mail, icq, homepage and what not Wink
I dont think anyone actually checks my profile... so I usually stick to just having my mail there in case some mod needs to contact me or so... and on some forums you need to enter your name, and then I usually do that Smile
I only fill in the easy stuff. Things with a textarea I probably won't fill in, but I always like to make my profile as full-looking as it can be without having to reveal too much of my information. Usually I don't put anything for the instant message things or I just put one, depending on the kind of place I'm at.
It depends from what kind of site I will register for... But mostly I fill some part of my profile like interest and hobbies... emails etc..
Utopia GFR
I've just noticed there isn't loads of stuff to put in one's profile except from live contact information like msn, yahoo, aol messenger and so on.

I dont really bother putting basic information about myself in a profile and have no problem at all in initiating new relationships with people I usually chat with in the virtual world Smile

Maybe it could be interesting to add an extra field called "My Description" in the profile space where people could write information about themselves Smile
I think i put a little information on my frihost profile, but i can't remember
Anyhow, i usually just skip the whole profile thing.

I only fill out the basic stuff like homepage, location, and maybe one IM ID. It all depends on which forum I'm in. If I'm comfortable with the people around, then I could put more stuff in the "interests" or "occupation" field. It's such a pain and a bother to write the same things over and over again, so in huge forums like these, I just don't bother.
I only input some information of myself which I think is important..Otherwise other fields are left blank...
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