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Love stories

Have anyone of you noticed that what is writen in books, filmed played is always from real lifes? That everyones life is o part of a lovestory. SOmetimes i laugh watching some romantic film on TV, but some of my life stories are the same and exciting. Of course i dont mean dating parents partners or something like this, but simplier stories are from life...
Yes, it’s natural that writers are inspired by real life. They take it as a foundation and develop it…
biljap wrote:
Yes, it’s natural that writers are inspired by real life. They take it as a foundation and develop it…

Sometimes i'm thinkink about writing my life stories, but i haven't got time for it.
ankur.vatsa wrote:
That is very true, as we say that people are influenced by movies so is the case about movies being inspired by people's lives.

I at times have even identified with villian of some story :-p

As for you writing your story, why not go ahead - get a blog and start writing. Mahatma Gandhi wrote 'My experiments with TRUTH' that way only.

I think about it. I had one blog but i didn't enjoy it. Since my last post here i have been thinking about starting it again and I think, If i wrote one article everyday it would be nice but I think i cant do it because of time. But i thought the same thing about posting on Frihost, but now i know it's easy to post here every day.

And I was thinking about writing blog in English or in Czech. Because I don't speak English on satisfying level but i would be able to become more popular than writing in Czech and in Czech i don't know how to attract enough readers, because I can't tell about it to my friends (because I want to write some personal things).

And I was also thinking about writing a diary ( I don't know anyone who does it) so I would be able to read it after few years and I won't lost my memories (from them is the life put together).

Thank you for your advise

And also thanks for links, I 'll take a look on them.
ankur.vatsa wrote:

A few links that might interest you on the book follow:
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