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Hey, guys. Do you know of any place I can store my pictures for free without having the resolution and size decreased? (like something other than Photobucket).
Arseniy - Offers file and image web hosting. Share files across internet. Maximum file size is 25MB, unlimited connections. File saved on server for 1 year. - works more like a photo album. - allows Maximum File Size: 6000000 Kb, allowed file types:GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, SWF, PDF, ZIP, AVI, DOC, DOT. - allowed: jpg jpeg png gif bmp tif tiff swf < 1.5 megabytes. ( - all image types allowed, quick upload.
^my favourite choice!^ - Both image and file hosting. Unique preview system allows previews of pictures, flash movies, text files, code files, zip content and more. 1MB, upgradeable to 50MB.
I always use for everything. It's fast, easy, and you don't need an account or anything like that to host your pics. They have a lot of FF extensions as well, like right-click hosting, which I love. Saves so much time.

Then there's always places like Photobucket, and Putfile, but I always found that they take way too much time to get results.

Again... I use it more than any other. It's been a useful host for me for many years now and I'll recommend it. Even fairly high traffic images I've put there are still there... and I don't even have a username.
Again, Imageshack for me.
Quick uploading, great services.

Unless you want to keep track of your uploads, it's great.
UploadEngine isn't too bad either.
Try imageshack or tinypic like them the best but you could also just host them yourself on frihost.
I also like imageshack the best because it is easy to use and oyu don't have to register or anything
Thanks, everyone.

What I wanted was something like Photobucket, but, like, no limit on file size.
thanks this is a erry helpfull thread. is there one over the rest that can be used extreamly easy with my wife has an account and isn't the most innternet or computer savy. and i don't wan't to allways do it all for her.
I've been using photobucket all the while...
I use this host, their speed is amazing Very Happy.

Seriously though, host your pictures here, and use a very lightweight gallery script (like Singapore Gallery)
Ozzy PWNS!
i personally rely all my image hosting problems to imageshack. You can choose to either register an account or not to upload your pictures. If you don't have an account you won't be able to look up your pictures again after you close the browser whereas for registered user's pictures are stored and can be easily retrieved.
IMAGESHACK.US is by far the best one out there..... No registration needed, and you can if you want I think by email and it saves every picture you uploaded into a nice little gallery for your use.


I think that should work

ts good for multiple image uploads,and you can also register and get an account there,where i guess you can store images,they have a 3mb image limit.
Umm... tried Frihost? Razz
Looks like some decent sites there, thanks for the tips.
Has anyone forgotten, or isn't it suitable?
I dont have the need of big space for now. I personally use frih.

Also for my blog I use

Resently I found this page:

for any kind of archive. I havent tasted enough, but sound good.

I almost forgot two more alternatives: and
flickr is good, i was needing a good host at this time, but flickr does re size the image.
www.fileden com works really well for me
photobucket is the only way to go, they dont force you to go to some page where your image is... they just let you have your image. No max album size or anything... and each image has a max size of like 400kb, which is bigger than any jpg i've made.
Definitely Photobucket its just like an internet album! You can show it off to people, use the pictures on forums using the instantly generated code. As said above no max album size, the only problem is its often hard to put photos in due to the max size, its better for designs.
This question also crossed my mind, and it sounds like I will be going along with ImageShack, or Thanks for sharing this information, wish I had some to contribute
Come on now. You're posting on a hosting forum, and chances are you have a hosted site. Just put the pictures up there. Shocked
Share-a-pic is one site that uploads your pictures for nothing and has nothing to do with picture compression. But the only problem is that you can host only pictures there, no videos or audios can be hosted.

Visit it here - I will be glad if you like it


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hlavco wrote:
Come on now. You're posting on a hosting forum, and chances are you have a hosted site. Just put the pictures up there. Shocked

The main problem here is that Frihost FTPs have limited space, so if you have a large website you would want to have as much free room in your FTP as possible for any future updates and additions you'd want to make. I have many images hosted on my Frihost FTP, but I also have many on

The catch here is that Imageshack offers you limitless space to host your images. You may register in the website if you want to organize your images in an album, but you may still upload any number of images without an account in a few seconds. It's a matter of entering the website, searching for the image you want to upload and press the little button (images don't get resized, by the way). And no matter how old your image is, it'll never be deleted, even if you uploaded it without an account. A single image cannot have more than 1 MB in size, but since you can upload images in many different formats, you won't be having much problems, unless the image in question is really huge. But even if that happens... you can still Frihost it. Razz
There are so many websites that offer free image hosting. I'll give you three of known free image hosting sites like, and You could try to search in if you want to know other free image hosting websites.
I like its easy and quick
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