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I have headaches and see colours - any ideas?

Hi everyone,
I have gone through all the specialists in the UK and they cannot tell me what is wrong with myself, I have intense headaches almost every other day, I see colours, a bit psychadelic. I have seen a psychiatrist and psychiactric nurse who I have had a second opinion on and they tell me I am sane. I have seen an ear nose and throat specialist who tells me I am fine too, I also suffer from Tinitus and have been told it is untreatable. I have also seen a headache specialist who told me to bear with the pain. I have had a MRI brain scan that has come out clear, I have mentioned to my GP the possibility of it being migraines and have been dismissed of this idea. I do not take any drugs, I drink moderately, I have three meals a day, I do not have any caffeine or fizzy drinks in my diet. I have been told not to take pain killers and put up with the pain, as pain killers can cause pain themselve apparently.

I am at a loss, so if anyone has any ideas I can go back to my GP with or if you are a doctor yourself, then I would appreciate any constructive input.
S3nd K3ys
Sounds like either migraines especially if it's a sharp pain on one side of your head.

The other thing you need to find out is if it's a aneurism. My sister had the same symptoms. I took her to the hospital 3 or 4 times in a week, the last time, she was curled up on my car floor on the way there. Once there, they finally did a brain-scan (MRI) and found it. They put her in O.R. immediately, and during the operation, the aneurism burst.

If I had been 10 minutes later getting her there, my sister would have died.

Off Topic: what's sad is that I haven't spoken too her for several years. Perhaps I'll call her for Christmas.
how much time do you spend in front of a computer screen per day?

do you drink any products with artificial sweetners? they have been known to cause daily headaches.

I would try as many medical forums based in the united states as possible. Make a list and check back on the sites. Our care is a little different here in the USA. But realize as a doctor it would be easy to miss something obscure. I am guessing you have a problem that is not common but easily fixable. Start researching your ass off when your feeling up to it.

If you want to try some natural healing try to find a raw food retreat. I went to one for 3.5 months and saw some amazing things. A normal stay is 1-3 weeks.

or find a natureopathic doctor
The idea about an aneurism is a possibility as is the artificial sweetners. Another possibility is that it could be a virus. This might seem surprising but it could be as simple as that. Ask for some blood tests. GPs know little except about medical stuff in general. Hence the General part in General Practitioner. Definately ask about an aneurism and about some blood tests for a virus. If you are taking any sweetners - cut them out and see if this helps. It may also be a food allergy. Try cutting out ONE food group at a time (otherwise you don't know which is causing the problem) and see if this helps. If you wear a tie, try loosening it. Restricting blood-flow thru the carotid arteries is, in my opinion, not a good idea.
It may be simple tension headaches? I know that with spending a lot of time at the computer screen my neck and shoulders get tense. Try getting up and walking around after 30 minutes in front of the screen. Move your neck around, stretch and then try putting your thumbs on the muscle between your shoulders and neck and hold there. That is where a lot of tension gets stored. Ask a friend to push there if you cant quite get it. It will be sore for a minute and then the pain should go away. otherwise I would suggest lots of sleep and a walk in the country to de-stress. If that doesn't help, try praying.
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I have high blood pressure in my eyes.
When I am tired I do see like little dots of colors in the corner of my vision, any strait lines "wiggles" and I get an headhake, it wont go away until i take some paracetamol and have a little nap.
I found out with a simple test at the optician, a machine blew a puff of air in my eye...
Have you had you eyes tested recently?
Do you make some sport?, do you sleep well? are you taking some medication? clarifiing these points could help
Whatever it is, something is definitely wrong with your brain, or something which is connected to your brain. And your doctors, of course.
You need to research your symptoms on google and try to find real medical specialists. (Usually the ones that not only practice medicine, but also study it.)
If you can't find any in the UK, and you're serious, you might have to consider crossing the pond.
Maybe you should get away from your computer... Breathe some fresh air!
Migraines is my best guess. They're triggered by any number of things: allergies, changes in barometric pressure, illness, etc. Check the MAGNUM (Migraine Awareness Group: A National Understanding for Migraineurs) website - - for more information that may be of use to you. Even if it's not officially "migraines" that is the cause, they have great tips for dealing with pain.

BTW, I've had headaches all my life. When I was a teenager, they turned into migraines with awful side effects. I went through any number of doctors and specialists. The first one told me I needed to seek help from a psychologist and prescribed me Lithium. I didn't start to get the good treatment my condition needed until I consulted with a doctor of internal medicine (they're called internists here in the US). It's a good place to start for you to root out the cause and come up with a treatment. Just be sure before you go to ask whether the doctor has any experience treating headaches and migraines.
well it seems like migraine to you intense headache like on your upper forehead or on either side of your you see lights like lightning lights moving ..any part of your vision is blur...certain things like smell of something or what you eat trigger this time on your visit to a doctor ask he/she to check for migraine...
one more thing keep your head cool..drink food/fruit/drinks that can cool your body/head...
-what i do is , i take one handful of cook rice-put it a jug and add rock sugar in it and leave overnight.the next day drink it can keep your head cool. and drink a
lot of barley drink or chrysanthemum drink.

another thing is I drink this sea cucumber special liquid to lessen my migraine problem. Thank god I haven't any migraine attack for one year now.
I'm a family doctor...

and your description is a pretty good one for migraines. Unlikely for you to have an aneurysm considering that your MRI was clean.

I'd suggest getting a prescription for amitriptyline/nortriptyline and taking it at bedtime for a few days when your symptoms are clustered.

And, get a referral to a neurologist or headache clinic if available in your area.

You should not be suffering from pain.

is this the time for people to see colors? Someone in my science class just had this problem yesterday!
Visual disturbances are the most common type of aura, accounting for the majority of the neurologic symptoms associated with migraine. Numbness and tingling of the lips, lower face, and fingers of one hand (cheio-oral) is the second most common type of aura. Some patients have several types of aura symptoms that vary with attacks.
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