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Firefox Extension- FireFly

Hey, could someone help me out? I want to try out FireFly, the Firefox file manager extension, but I'm having trouble configuring it.
Could someone tell me just what you need to set up to get this thing running?
I used firefly before and it's extremely difficult to configure so I uninstalled it. But now that you've mentioned it, I've decided to give it another chance. Turns out that it's pretty easy to use.
Well, I got it to work.
I guess I'll have to just mess around with it and see what this bad-bay can do.
Wait, what does Firefly do?
guissmo wrote:
Wait, what does Firefly do?

Apparently it's a Firefox extension that acts as a File Manager.
Honestly my first impression of it isn't impressive. Maybe I'm just doing something wrong, but seems very slow and...... clunky.
I think it also can be used for FTP servers Smile

by atg2d

A file browser extension
Browse your files as you would on Windows Explorer or Konqueror. Copy your files from one directory to another. Split the view to 2,3,4... as many panes as you like. Easily preview Audio/Video, Documents,PDF and image files. View Mozilla engine and IE's engine output head to head.
For more information, features and known problems visit the site.

I just tried it & it doesn't look useful yet
Wow Loved the idea i was willing if something like this exists i would like to use FF as a file manager win and linux principally konqueror make me sick!

wait it works on 2
I have given it a run in the past and rather recently again and I must admi9t that on both occasions I was far from impressed with what it did, how it did it, and especially how fast it did what it said it did.

Clunky is another word for incorrectly in my book and if you want to transfer your files, you are better off getting something else.
firefly for what?

i have install it but i do not know what is it..
I went ahead and uninstalled it. As cool as it seems, I can do all the same stuff plus more with a decent file manager.
But it dos show you just how versatile and usefull Firefox and it's extensions can be.
GeorgeG wrote:
I think it also can be used for FTP servers Smile

Negative! Its not anywhere even near to an ftp manager. Confused

Fireftp is the recommended FTP manager with flawless integration into firefox and quick and hassle-free conection through firefox itself. I have been using it since i got my Frihost domain and hasnt been disappointed till date.


The excellent Firefox browser now has a brand new tool to go with it! Introducing 'fireFTP', a cross-platform FTP client which provides easy and intuitive access to FTP servers. And unlike many other FTP clients, it's completely free! This latest version features support for: more FTP servers, OS X, ASCII files, symbolic links, launching files from fireFTP, and loading fireFTP in a tab.

Link: Fireftp

This may seem a bit off topic but i have no clue what a cyber-browser like FFX has to meddle into the local directories/enact Explorer for. Rolling Eyes
I didn't know about this one, I tried it... and it's great!
Firefox killed IE, now this will kill Windows Explorer... what can M$ do?
First time hear about the extensions. I'll try it out.
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