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Well guys I developed i site called

I want to build link which are very imprt in google so any suggestion on this.

and you are welcome to visit my site and give you suggestion and would also welcome if you become a active member of it:)
I dont like the colors at all. logo is also not gud. place ur adsense adds in right way. your content is very gud. Do something with colors to attract visitors

well i'll give you 6/10 keep going Wink
I agree with the previous comments - the site looks useful and interesting, but the layout could use a bit of work and the ads are a bit overwhelming.

First, on the front page, why are the questions laid out differently from how they are on the "Questions" page? It looks much cleaner on the "Questions" page with the black header row and the alternating background colors for table rows. Applying that layout to the front page would help make the site look a lot cleaner and more professional.

A minor note - In the header portion of the page, the used link color (standard dark purple) makes it hard to read the "" link under the logo. The dark purple blends into the black background on my screen. I'd suggest changing that color to something that contrasts better with black.

Finally, I would re-do the layout of the ads. The small text ads in the header seem ok. It might be useful to add some useful content or navigation to the left section of the site (where the other two sets of google text ads are). If there is a reason for the user to look there, they might be more likely to see and respond to the ads. The banner at the top should probably also be moved. I would place the large banner at the top all the way at the bottom, where the small google banner currently is. Remember, the content of your site should be its focus, not the ads. Users are coming to read about developer resources, not see google ads.

Good luck,
- Walkere
On your links you should either remove the underlines or remove the lines between the links. It's a little too much with one blue and one black line under each link.
the site seems to b good but i didnt liked the menu placement
well guys I take your feed back ina very positive way.

I would like to know one thing as I'm new into development.

how much the color matters when it comes to the attract the vistors?
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