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Debate Help: Why Going to Prison isn't the Best Bet.

Okay, In School where going to have a debate on "Punishment" mostly about if or if not doing Prison time is necessary. Sadly, I've been put in the team where we are against it no matter what, which is harsh because being against Prison isnt easy. So I am asking frihosters to try and help me and tell me Why Punishment by Prison isn't the best bet. Also to help me redefine "Punishment" because if Detentions where considered punishment, I end up losing.

I read an essay in class which will probably help you out a lot. It's called "The Prisoner's Dilemma", and you can read it here: (Click on the first result). It basically compares American prisons to traditional punishments of Islam (flogging, amputation, etc), saying that sending criminals to prison is more barbaric. It sounds ridiculous at first, but it's very well written and persuasive. I know that it's still supporting punishment, but it can help you a lot in finding ways that imprisonment is not the best method of punishment. I promise that it will be a great source for you.
You rely hit home on me. I will send you a file I used to win a harsh debate. Hehe on a side not I still want my you know what. (sorry for getting of topic just a reminder for him)
meet in rio
I watched quite an interesting programme on TV about criminals who are imprisoned in the USA and, upon release, are deported to El Salvador. The North American prisons became an educational institution all right---just for all the wrong reasons! Small-time drug dealers went in with a Bachelor's in Weed and came out with a PhD in Heroin Distribution, if you get my drift. Prison exposed the inmates to even more criminal contacts, knowledge and black market economic training. They arrived back in El Salvador with the expertise necessary to become big-time criminals.

Okay, well it was a slightly odd programme, but there might be something in that argument.

If you've seen 'Blow' with Johnny Depp, there's a more ridiculous example of it there.
I watched a documentary about French prisons. I think that the situation applies -unfortunatly- to most prisons in Europe and USA.
Prison shouldn't be about punishmnent but how to make criminals adapted to the society. And in these prisons, they're not. Like Meet in Rio said, Prisons exposed the inmates to more criminal contact, they don't learn to respect people. They're not even respected! No medical care, shame...
You could talk about that. The prisons maybe should not disappeard but changed.
Thanks guys for your help, I will definitely look over your suggestions and be able to find good points to come back to the opponents.
Make sure you mention that people with addictions and problems that possibly they don't have the power to stop themselves it isn't the best option.
We have a Debate TV show here in our country but sadly it ended up last month... The show debated also about that "Punishment in Prison" issue. I think sending criminals in prison is just ok. We are just people we don't have the rights to give death punishments! Very Happy
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