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Does anyone like "Tin Tin" comics?

I am a great fun of Tin Tin and his adventures are great. I read book as well as watch Tin Tin adventures. It is really good and different from other comics.

Any one like Tin Tin?
It was classic "comic". I do like it especially when they are going to the moon. The story is unique and enjoyable. I like captain Haddock Smile How he mad is hilarious and extreme.
Yes! great comics i have them all Very Happy

I also want to buy the movies Cool
If you want to buy, try amazon from where I just bought the whole DVD lot. I really enjoy it.
I likd it very much. Maybe mostly because a lot of involve with the mafia or gangster is in the story. It always excite me to read how tintin finally gets out of danger and win the fight. And of course, we must not forget about snowy, his role is important too. Smile
I didn't know there were TinTin comics. I only ever saw the tin tin Tv program when I was a kid. It was a great program, and I really liked tintins dog, but I've forgotten its name...
The perfect adventure in TINTIN comics is that you can not guess who is the exact criminal. Wheather the way of saying the story is too simple any one can understand it.

Therefore i think he is the best my view
The graphic style is simple, but the story line is good. Travelling from one place to another, making friends, solving problem ... that's why I like it Smile
i like them very much .... planning to get its DVD as soon as i collect money for it
I LOVE the Tintin comics!
I don't have any on hand, but I remember reading them a lot when I was younger. They are very enjoyable comic books.
I loved them! I used to read the French ones so I could practice my French and learn more French. Very Happy Not that it worked so well but hey, the story's always interesting!
Yes, i like Tin Tin. I have 2 DVD Tin Tin movies.
I used to love this show when it was on! Some episodes are just rivetting. Havent seen it on the tube in forever though Sad but its not like I ever have time for TV anyways anymore Crying or Very sad
I like to use the books in class. They have good language I can get the kids using and the stories are intriguing to them. They are mostly boy-type stories though. I have yet to find something written interestingly enough to get the girls. I like Asterix too. I think both are great for in class use.

Did Tin Tin's creators ever do anything else?

I have seen the programs on tv when I visit Europe too. They are good quality compared to what I would have expected. We don't tend to do those kind of programs / books here as much i think
proffrancais wrote:
I have yet to find something written interestingly enough to get the girls. I like Asterix too. I think both are great for in class use.

Have you thought about trying to find W.I.T.C.H in it's native french format for the girls (not the cartoon, but the comic the cartoon is based on?.) Aurore's Pixie is really lovely as well. There's a handful of really nice french girl's comics out there, largely in a style reminiscent of japanese manga, worth checking out.

Though honestly, I loved TinTin when I was younger, despite them being "boy's" stories.
Used to watch tin tin all the time on TV, have also read every single comic adventure. Love it.
tin tin? wat is that? i got no idea. anyone can show me d link?
mansonivan wrote:
tin tin? wat is that? i got no idea. anyone can show me d link?

Remember, young padawan, Wikipedia is your friend.
My favorite was the one with the Meteorite and the weirdo mushrooms...Had the comic and then later saw the cartoons when I was travelling overseas. What a great comic and cartoon it was! Wish there were new ones.
Tintin is a reference in France: i rode all those books. My favorite one is the story involving aliens and tintin in tibet.
so tintin is the same name in french as in english?
that is interesting to know
here in dutch he is named kuifje
always though that tintin is the frensh version of his name
and they are indeed good comics
bobby is fun too (Snowy in english and Milou in French)
and i love the 2 detectives, jansen and janssens
think they are Thomson and Thompson in english and Dupont et Dupond in french
those 2 are just hilarious
def gotta read them again
Tintin rocks.

They're great adventures, and the drawings are superb.

I recommend it! Very Happy
JC Denton
In the swedish version, none of the names of the persons is changed I think. Cpt. Haddock could be. Don't know if it is his name in France too. Anyhow, Tin Tin is one of the best comics out there in my opinion. Got six books I think and some of the movies too.
I got all the tintin adventures in my shelf...
That's was good stories n Herge had a taste of drawing close to the real thing in the end. Look at the story about the secret weapon, he actually drew from photos.

And then Herge actually met chang. He was a real character, but when I saw that on a telly documentary Chang didn't seem to apriciate the meeting with Herge. I don't know why. Perhaps he felt that Herge did him wrong in the cartoons?

TIntin in Kongo!!!! That's so funny.
Hergé is an acronymous of RG (pronounced in French is the same sound) who is Georges Rémi. He is a Belgian and Tintin in Congo reflect his ideas of colonialism. The text of some comics changed by the time to be more politically correct.

That may explain the reaction of Chang
TinTin is excellent! I grew up watching the cartoons on ABC of an afternoon, and our school library had the books as well. I can't wait to see the movie when it eventually comes out.
oh, and I love how TinTin comes in French. I can practice French while reading TinTin and not get bored/depressed about how I'll never master the language.
I loved Tin Tim growing up. Somewhere i still have everyone! Loved the three-part one about the captains great ancestors and the ship with the treasure.
All of them were really good actually, if i remember correctly, they were the only thing that would make me read, so i know my parents loved them for that.
Great stuff.
Tintin is the best! Luckily while I was younger and collected Spidey and X-men comics my elder sister collected the Tintin comics, so now that I've aged and wisened up ( Razz ) I get to read all those great adventures again..

I got so nostalgic a while back that when the record store I work in took in a tin box with all the gathered tv episodes in it I bought it before it hit the shelves. That was one of two boxes that were released in our store before they were pulled back Very Happy

Awesome! My favorite character has to be Allan! Word!
I went through a phase of reading all the TinTin books when I was in primary school, and I also started watching the old TV animated series then too.

Interesting to see that there's going to be a live action movie of TinTin in 2009 - I can't imagine what that's going to be like.
I'm always intrigued by the comic style and the story plot. I read a lot when I was younger, but I forgot most of the stories x]

But still a great comic if I remember correctly.
I am a big fan of Tintin comics.. On the side of Tintin comics in any Tintin Vs Asterix comparison Smile I particularly like the bungling detectives Thompson and Thomson and their spoonerisms! I think Herge didn't originally frame the stories in English. It is really a wonder that even the English translation has so much in it for people to enjoy!

I heard Steven Speielberg is directing a Tintin movie.. Don't know whether it is a rumour or the facts!
I think what makes the Tintin cartoons so good are the fact that they are so similar in style to the comics. That and all the great plot twists and stories in general!

I actually had a Tintin marathon just the other day in lieu of this thread. I got home from work wednesday night and popped in the first disc, then just went through all 21 episodes.. too bad I had work the next day but hey, what don't you do for Tintin..! Very Happy

Next up I think I'll 'borrow' all the comics from my sis, haven't read through all of them in a short period of time ever I think..!
Tin Tin makes me very nostalgic. I remember when I watched the cartoon every day despite the fact it kept playing over and over on Nickelodeon as reruns. I knew exactly what would happen in the episode but I watched it over and over. Thompson and Thomson were great characters and so was Captain Haddock with Tin Tin and Snowy. I can't remember the name of that one character who prances around in his great suit. My relatives have the Tin Tin comics in French but since I can't understand French, they used to tell me the stories in Vietnamese. I'm hoping to buy a good copy of the comics in English.

"Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of rum,
Red Rackum's treasure here we come" Very Happy
Yes, TinTin has been one of the best comics I have read/look at in my primary and secondary school years. I do still read them now, as I have a collection of TinTin comics.

I was unaware of the Movie serial on Tintin (as I read others mentioning of watching TinTin on TV).

Will check it out.

I guess for me, it is more realism than Superman, Batman, etc.
And it does not involve excessive "power" and a well mix of laughters and suspense.

Yes, definitely I enjoy TinTin very much.
Yeah, shenyl, that's definetely one of the major pro's of Tintin, it's totally realistic in the sense that no one has any super powers and the main cast often require hard work and quite a bit of work to solve the puzzles they face.

And the caricatures of people of different color and ethnicity is hilarious to read and see and I haven't yet found anyone who finds it the least bit racist..

I like Allan and Haddock the best, with the Duponts in close second.. Very Happy
I read the Tin-Tin comics. The really interesting part of it is that they were all made into up to eighty minute cartoons. The longest single one is fourty two minutes, which is connected to it's "part 2" which is another 42 minutes. They're made to seem like Tin-tin's time (early nineteen hundreds), but they do have color, voices, and music. They're pretty good. I wouldn't go around saying that they're the best cartoon ever though, there's plenty that are better.
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