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Celebrities and Other Famous People

About celebrities and the internet!?!
They use IM and mail services that are availble to celebs, ONLY
 0%  [ 0 ]
I guess they make use of the same services like we do!
 58%  [ 7 ]
They don't need to go online
 0%  [ 0 ]
What a STUPID questions
 41%  [ 5 ]
Total Votes : 12

Cool Yo, does anybody have a lead to a celebrity or other famous people. Like their whereabouts and stuff? Cool

I noticed that it is nearly impossible to find email addresses that belong to today's big names BUT most people have email addresses and certainly phonenumbers. I guess that those people have good ways of staying anonymous but there there, maybe even among us (the Frihost community)

I figure that some ordinary peeps must know em. Or would you (as a celebrity) only have people u really know on your IM contacts list?
I got peeps from all over tha planet on my list. And I don't even know who the heck 50% of em are.. Razz

We are talking about:
    Actrices (movies, soaps even voice-artists for cartoons)

And we all know that Mike Jones announced his number to be 2813308004.
This is what y'all should look for e.g.: Christina Milian's address, phonenumber, email address and stuff

You could also tell us some information about the people who are celebrities or just famous in your country or region!!1
Even if ordinary people do know any celebrity, their celebrity friend will tell them not to give their details out. The celebrity can sue the "ordinary" person.
Captain Fertile
I know David Bowie is (or was) very active on the internet, same with Brian May of Queen but of course they never, outside of their official websites, went around saying who he was and even if he did who would believe him?

I don’t doubt that anyone who has been active on the internet for some time will have had some contact with someone at least once who would fall into the category of celebrity in some way but you just didn’t realise it.

Even celebrities have hobbies and want to find out information on the web so I wouldn’t dismiss the possibility that there is at least one who is an active member of some web based organisation or forum that we are members of (perhaps maybe even FriHost).

It is quite an exciting thought when you think just who you may have been in touch with.

That said, being a celebrity does not necessarily make you a worthwhile contributor to any online community and I am more excited by meeting worthwhile ‘ordinary’ people.
If the information just MAGICALY leaked to the public there would be a HUGE investigation about it and the person who leaked it would be in soo much trouble with the law and then the person would change their address anyways so why does it matter if some one knows what it is in about it week it wont be the same anyways!!

Besides Celebs are WAY over rated!!!!
I dont think they use it much different than "normal" people really.
I dont think fame has anything to do with it Wink
Well they may be famous but they are people, so I don't see why they wouldn't use the same stuff as we do... but to be honest, if I see someone online who says they're a celebrity I don't believe them...
I'm sure they do, but they're smart & don't let the public know, otherwise they'd have a million friend requests all once.
Well on Frihost most members aren't even adults yet, so I doubt that many would be celebritys.
celebrity is also a human.
i think special made internet service for celebs is just a joke Smile
i think they use yahoomail like us Laughing
They are just like us that needs internet sometimes. Mad
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