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What is your resource?

Where do you go for these things when you design a website?:
[*]Tips/Tricks or CSS hacks
I generally go to for anything on php, HTML, CSS, tips and tricks. They have a really good reference library.

For images, I usually make my own through image editing of images found on Google.

In Http://, there are actually tutorials to so many codes such as Javascript too...

You can also do images (when making sites) with effects from photoshop, and nothing else to keep in line with copyright issues.

Take a few tutorials from some webistes (search photoshop tutorials or GIMP tutorials on Google) and learn a bit, fool around a bit, have fun~

There are a lot of excellent resources out there for just about anything that you want. has a public domain area for photos and there are many other sites that have public domain graphics or graphics that are licensed under creative commons.

As for ideas about how to layout and design your site just surf the web and look at sites that are simular to what you are wanting to do. While you are looking at these sites think about what you would do to make the site better and use these ideas for your own site.

Resources for languages can be found by searching the specific language that you are wanting to know more about. Most languages have multiple user groups that have tutorials and forums that you can access.

Good luck with your project.
rfwrangler, did you say
{name here}
zjosie729 wrote:
Where do you go for these things when you design a website?:
[*]Tips/Tricks or CSS hacks

+ My Mind
+ Macromedia Fireworks + Google Image Search(if needed)
+ Don't need em.
Ideas -

Anything that I've ever searched for on the net and had problems finding. It's an instant goldmine.

Graphics/Images/Photos -

Copyright-free stock photography is a good place if you don't have a digital camera. Some suggestions: Stock.Xchng, BurningWell,

Tips/Tricks or CSS hacks -

Google CSS hacks? There's tons out there.
prym3r is all i need for me.. Smile either the website itself, or the forum community
Ideas: books, advertisements, fashion, photographs, nature, tv, movies, posters... (you get the idea)

Graphics: Photograph what I need and design buttons etc. myself.

Tips/Tricks or CSS hacks: Google and if I get desparate I may post somewhere asking for specific help.
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