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Do you think Real Madrid will win this year champion League?

Real Madrids are playing well this season and they got decent chance to win their dosmetic spanish league. But who thinks they will win champion league?
I don't think, that they can win the UCL this year, because I watched their match against Lyon. Again Lyon scored two very easy goals. Real Madrid seemd happy to get one point at the end of the match...

So there are other teams, which are playing better than Real...
anyway i think it have more chance than last year, and absolutely lots more than barcelona of course...well. lets see Smile))
Well, Real do have a chance but if they lose great opportunities such as penalties (like the one they missed VS lyon just recently), it's gonna be quite tough for them....
I don't think they'll win it. They are just the same as any other season, a collection of highly paid invididuals incapable of playing as team. They occassionally turn teams over, when you have that class in your team it's bound to happen on occassions. But the team ethic is sadly missing when things don't go their way.

This years CL is a difficult one to predict, as not one team has shown they are far ahead of others yet.
They won't win.
Since David Beckham plays at Real Madrid, they played bad Evil or Very Mad

Barcelona will win the Champions League Very Happy
Well, as for Barca, they're going to be knocked out at the hands of Werder Bremen.....(I hope).... Very Happy
Of course they can win, the chances are bigger the past few years, However there is still a lot of work to do.
I'll say they still get a chance to win the champ. I actually think they're doing quite well this year, except their defense sometimes has some fairly disappointing performance(such as last game against Lyon). But overall, they have a good squad, and their performance is getting better. Also, we can see some of their players are getting back in shape (Raul, for example). Barca is not doing that well this year, and so I think Real Madrid still has a very good chance of winning the champ this year. Btw, I'm hoping to see Ronaldo to be top fit again. Can you imagine how exciting it is to see both Van R. and Ronaldo playing together?
Of course, there is possibility that Real can win, but my bets are on Chelsea, even though I don't like them at all...
And actually, in UCL, even the weakest team can win, so there is no rule, just chances Smile But probably Chelsea....
mgx_virtual wrote: UCL, even the weakest team can win, so there is no rule, just chances ...

Well Porto and Monaco reached the final a few years ago and they were clearly not the best sides in the competition, just the most consistent. Home form got themn through
yes they can win. The team played very well in past.
This time also they are playing very wll, so ithink this will
be a good chance for them.
Hello Everyone,
GOOD day,

Well if they play really tough, they may
be able to defeat Barcelona. Because if
they don't play tough and be hard on
defense and offense, they will surely lose.

I really hope they will win the championship,
but what i see now, is that they are so over
confident, they play defense very well, and
they don't play very good offense as well,
It's just a shame if they lose again.
Because most of them are Football Superstars.

Thank you.
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