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Orkut The Target Of Misplaced Blame In India

Basically, it sounds like a lot of people are (perhaps reasonably) pissed off that some Orkut users created a "We Hate India" group. If you know how Orkut works, basically anyone can create a group in seconds, and anyone else can join it. Soon after that, there were stories about how Indian prostitutes were using Orkut as a way of finding clients. Then, a couple of weeks ago there were even more complaints about Orkut concerning tricksters putting up fake profiles of others, urging people to call or visit people, falsely claiming they were pornographers. Finally, this weekend, there were more complaints over some additional hate messages that had been posted to the site.

Some of these articles cite India's Information Technology Act-2000, which apparently bans this type of activity, suggesting that Orkut may get banned by the government. However, it would seem that this is very misplaced anger. Once again, the problem isn't with Orkut, specifically, but the people using Orkut. If Orkut is blocked, the same people will simply go elsewhere and do the same thing elsewhere. It doesn't solve the problem, it just sweeps it under the rug for about half a day until the same things pop up somewhere else.

Blaming the site pretends that if you block the site that the people who are actually responsible go away too. It doesn't work that way -- and, if anything, only emboldens them to find more and more places to make their point. The real answer is to go after the people directly if they are breaking the law -- not the site that carries their words.
It's very interesting, the ignorance of the government .... Did you know about the ban on ? The whole of blogspot was blocked because there were a few blogs spreading antisocial messages !!!

But it's all cleared now. Blocking orkut might become a reality if the government doesn't understand how it works !
haven't heard of the blogspot blocking!! when did that happen?
neither me Sad

Where did you get this sources? Is that any link? Wink
I haven't heard of blogspot being blocked in India... I think I remember it was blocked in some other country though.
Anyway, about the banning of orkut, that seems like a slightly immature step... if that happens, the only reason for it would be to pacify some of the local anti-West (and all things associated with it) political parties and their loyal supporters. However, given the popularity of orkut, I have no doubts that the people (and possibly the press) would go up in arms.

As for going after the people, how do you propose doing that? Even after the article has attracted so much attention from the media, orkut has not banned that community or closed it down yet.
Secondly, the bigger orkut grows, the more responsibility they have on their shoulders. About the cases of impersonation... that actually happened witha friend of mine who posted his pictures on his profile. I'll check up with him and let you know what happend with the follow-through on that.
After doing some search on orkut communities, I found out that there are a much larger number of groups created by Indians against other countries and use foul language against them.
If Indians want Orkut to ban those groups which spread hate against India, then a large number of Indian groups will also be banned which spread hate against other countries and their religions Crying or Very sad
I am sorry, Indians abusing other nationalities?

Can you cite an example, because I am truly astonished
sajanzv wrote:
I am sorry, Indians abusing other nationalities?

Can you cite an example, because I am truly astonished

Everyone has a racism problem to some degree. Everyone. There are one billion people in India. Some of them are racists... statistically, it's impossible for some of them not to be. There has been some caste system problems in the country in terms of discrimination, hence the laws that have produced so many protests regarding the universities thing - this was a major enough event that if you live in India you should have heard of it.
ashok wrote:
haven't heard of the blogspot blocking!! when did that happen?

There were some train bomb blasts in Mumbai.
For "security reasons", some websites were to be blocked some of which were hosted on blogspot.
Accidentally (?) they blocked the domains completely

For strange reasons, blogs hosted on Wordpress, Livejournal, MSN Spaces, Rediffblogs, IndiaTimes and Yahoo 360 are spared by the Indian censors and they are still accessible in India.

The Indian government directed the department of telecommunications (DOT) to ban 'anti-national' blogs after the recent Mumbai train blasts, using Article 19(2) and citing the 'security of the state' restriction.

However, the ban that blocked Web blogs across the ideological spectrum had the blogging community crying foul over the suspension of their freedom to express themselves freely. The media reported that a lack of 'technological know-how' caused the blanket ban intended against only a few 'anti-national' Websites.

This was rectified soon though.

Outrage over blocked websites after Mumbai blasts

The blocking of sites had also prevented access to another site,, which was set up to help relatives of the victims of the blasts. Hundreds of people had logged on to seek people missing after the bombings and offer help to others.

Many bloggers, meanwhile, responded to the blocking by setting up pages on other websites and showing readers ways to circumvent the ban.

One such way is to use the gateway, a site popular among Pakistani users for bypassing government censorship.
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