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Have you tried Botox?
 6%  [ 1 ]
 93%  [ 14 ]
Total Votes : 15

I don't like how people look after botox. I understand the use of in in extreem cases where people have really heavy brows and such, but for minor wrinkles I don't think its worth it. Alot of the times people after botox look very expressionless and its kind of creepy.

But if you feel that it makes you look better, by all means go do it.
I haven´t tried it, and I most likely never will.

It will be interesting to see the long term effect of that kind of treatment (well, poison actually)
Since it´s so new no one can know for sure what happends if you use it when you are 30 and use it for 20 years Wink
nope, never tried it. of course botox isn't all that bad, it is used for other reasons besides cosmetic.
em0o wrote:
nope, never tried it. of course botox isn't all that bad, it is used for other reasons besides cosmetic.

Mind giving some examples?
I have only heard about it beeing used in cosmetic purposes.
Hmm... Let's see... Why would someone want to do this?
    * They want to look younger
    * They are not happy with how old they are
    * They are not happy with who they are
    * They've got some health problem that makes them look much older than they are and they just want to cover that up

Well, I don't fit into any of the above categories. Can anyone think of some reasons other than the above?
Now, why would someone in the above categories not want to do this?
    * They don't like the idea of paralyzing part of their body so that they look better
    * They don't want to spend that much money on something that only lasts three to eight months
    * They don't come at purposely injecting toxins into their body

Anyone want to add to the second list? I'm not sure about the second point, as I don't know how much it costs.
Captain Fertile
There is a place on my street that does tanning and it also offers Botox injections but my wife and I would never consider it.

I don’t think it does anything for the looks of someone and even if it did I am beyond help.
Crying or Very sad
arkebuzer wrote:
em0o wrote:
nope, never tried it. of course botox isn't all that bad, it is used for other reasons besides cosmetic.

Mind giving some examples?
I have only heard about it beeing used in cosmetic purposes.

Boxtox can be used to treat migraines. It does this by losening the blood vesels in the head.

Also it can be used to treat excessive sweating.
I have never tried it or felt the need to consider it. To each their own.
c9crystal wrote:
Have you tried Botox? I had my first injection in February 2004 and was overwhelmed by the result. All my wrinkles around my eyes disappeared. I had another one done in October 2005. The cost of the injection was reasonable cos a friend of mine is a doctor. I started concerning the eye cream used when I was 20. I am now 32 and consider that Botox is the best "eye cream" that eases the wrinkle in just a second. Though some people might think that the side effects are unknown etc, I appreciated very much the result. Wink

Ye whell.

Just to say; Botox is actualy POSION!
When you use it too much, you wil get addicted to it...
Its unhealthy!
no i don't like to try.

if u use to much i think it will poison for your body
Can't say that I am overly concerned about using this however that doesn't mean to say that when I get older that I don't decide that I may want to however at the minute it really isn't an issue.
Why would i? To look like Rick James in the Chapelle's show episode? I think botox is one of the most pathetic things humanity has ever come up with. Be proud of your age and experiance instead..
Nope, never. I personally think that it is a waste of money and people do it so carefree, it makes them look extremely fake in the face, especially when the person is young, once you start you can't quit.
It's a waste of money and makes you look artificial.
I do not like for anything the people who use botox, I create q one becomes deformed the face to them and it loses enchantment XD. and more above it is to be unconformed with which I gave I believe you that the one body is not for experiencing with things those, likes plus natural that the worked thing.
I am a firm believer of the firm Christian belief that if you are going to inject yourself with something it should be medicinal, ie anti-biotics, insulin etc. (Ok maybe that's not a christian belief, but should be. Infact, I hereby declare it one!)

I don't know all the side effects of it, but it seems pretty harsh. But then if it boosts your confidence and all that good stuff then go for it. But don't come crying to me when your eyes suddenly won't close!
i think it is nonsense to use things like Botox only to look handsome!

first of all it is very expensive and furthermore it is the first step to platical surgerys and such things! and in most cases it doesn't really look nice!
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