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Funniest scene in a movie ever!

Cadillac Man (1990) Starring Robin Williams. In one of the scenes a very hot argument breaks out, underneath a large woman there’s a little dog that doesn’t know that his in a movie. He takes all the action face value and goes insane wanting to join the action but knowing his only a tiny dog.
There is a moment near the start of "Twin Town" involving an old lady asking a taxi driver a question. I won't go into it because there is cursing, but it's just so funny.

Then there's the scene in Raiders Of The Lost Ark with Indy and the bloke withthe samuria type sword, when he just shoots him. That's genius
"Doctor Bean"- when he gets arrested and plays in front of the mirror.
Every scene in Pulp Fiction.
Rat Race: The hitlers car part Laughing
Bruce Almighty, the scene in the news room where he screws with the Anchor Man. Comedy at it's best. I felt sorry for my GF at the time, she actually looked embarressed I was laughing so much/loudly.

@ The Indiana Jones scene. Apparently that's not how the scene was meant to go, Ford is rumoured to have ad-libbed that and the director kept it in. But yea, is a great scene.
RT Cunningham
American Wedding! Where Stifler has to shove a dog turd in his mouth and keep it there while talking to the relatives. I fell out of my chair I laughed so hard.

The Bruce Almighty scene and the Raider of the Lost Ark scene were both funny in their own rights, but the Stifmeister made my ribs hurt.

This one too: What's the capital of Thailand? Bangkok! Ha! Get it?
KoiboySG1 wrote:
Rat Race: The hitlers car part Laughing

Great scene! As I read the topic title, I thought of the same flick! But I thought of the scene where the brothers try to take down the radar tower! Music, acting, shots, all great!

Or maybe the Penguin scene in "The Blues Brothers"?
can't pinpoint a particular scene but I really liked Snatch...had so many funny scenes...esp the scene where we have 3 (interrelated) car accidents (hey I did pinpoint a scene ) Confused
Actually, the super glue scene in American Pie 2 is comic genius at its very best. Very Happy
I have to say the scene from Star Wars Episode III when Darth Vader goes NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! is the funniest scene in any movie I have seen. My friend and I were laughing when we saw it on opening day. We almost got killed by the rest of the people in the movie theater. I mean come on it is hillarious he is supposed to be this big bad evil villan and his a whiney crybaby in this scene it is as I said hillarious.
I love that scene in Bruce almighty also, when he messes with the telepromter...

i also like Anchorman, when he trows the burrito to jack black, and he "punts" the dog off the coronado bridge. Freakin hilarious
I liked the part in Trainspotting where Renton started swimming around in the toilet. It was just so strange, especially in a movie that is so down to earth.
Latest scary movie, when doctor phill cuts his leg off. That one really cracked me up Smile
Generally all of the scary movies are really fun, at least if you have seen the movies they are making fun about.

Hard to say any specific movie other than that. Most movies with Jim Carrey are great fun though.
Recently: Ice age 2 when Sid got worshipped as the Fire king.
rightclickscott wrote:
I liked the part in Trainspotting where Renton started swimming around in the toilet. It was just so strange, especially in a movie that is so down to earth.

I found it funny, but i think that shit was more creepy than funny
Two Smokers Gun - the ending - they strives to get the two guns back.
Pyro Man
My Cousin Vinny- Everytime he gets woken up at night, whever he argues with the Judge, and the whole 10-minuite scene from where it starts raining right to where he turns up in court in a red breakfast tuxido with gold collar and lining.
The date movie.....all of it was funny Razz
m_furquan36 wrote:
The date movie.....all of it was funny :P

XD Was that the one with the long intro scene to "Milkshake"? I died laughing.

For me, one of the funnier movies was Saw (the original).... Cary Elwes kept trying to not have his accent, so it kept sounding like he was trying for this whole... bad british... thing. It was really innapropriate, but the entire theatre KEPT LAUGHING whenever he opened his mouth, even at the very end. Whole movie would have been a bust if not for the twist.
S3nd K3ys
Ozzy wrote:
Every scene in Pulp Fiction.


Pulp Fiction = Best Move Eva!

"The gimp's sleeping"

"Well wake him up!"

(I love the way Zed 'taps' his fingers on the gimps head, like he's an arm-rest or something. Wink )


"Did you see a sign in my yard that says Dead * Storage? Do you know WHY you didn't see a sign that says Dead * Storage? Because storing dead *'s aint my business!"

Laughing Laughing Laughing
Captain Fertile
The movie scene that always has me in fits of laughter is the scene in Me, Myself and Irene when Jim Carey chokes on the cup of water from the cooler.

I makes me roar with laughter and brings tears to my eyes, he does such a good job of choking and I have been there myself.

Great Stuff.

Also in the movie Snatch, I love all the parts dealing with Tyrone the worst getaway driver in the world. So funny and I am just like him when it comes to parallel parking, the gaps always seem too tight.
The Funniest movie scene I watched is the scene from The Bruce Almighty movie when Jim Carey messed up with the Anchor and the Reporter "Anchorman" Bubbles on talking.

Another scene I saw that is so funny is from the movie The Animal I cant remember the actor.. but the scene when a Kid was drowned from a swamp then he jumps thru the swamp like a Dolphin and when he already saved the kid he do some dolphin tricks making my stomach ache..
Recently seeing "Borat," I have to change mine to the part where Borat and his friend were running around the hotel nude with a fist dildo after getting into a fight. Pretty much that entire movie was awesome, but that part was just plain great.
I love most scenes in Something about Mary but the Frank and Beans and her "hair gel" were some of my faves. One of my all time favorite lines in a movie has to be Jack Nickolson's "I'd rather stick needles in my eyes"
basically all movies with Steve Carell (plays evan baxter and brick tamland) are bound to be hilarious. Laughing
The only movies I've seen recently were the Spongebob movie and the Back to the Future series.

I particularly enjoyed the scene where Spongebob gets drunk on ice cream.

The BttF series was great in how they repeated scenes over and over. It especially shows when you watch all three in a row. Such as the "Mom? I had the worst dream..." scene, which was done at least three times, and the manure references in each movie.
Among Hollywood movies, I think the best scenes are in the movie What Women Want starring Mel Gibson. He's just too good in comedy movies.
Funniest Scene in a movie, hmmm... for me, that would be when lattrel sang the "Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton in the movie, "white chicks!"hehehe...
"Jackass, the movie". The pumbling toilet scene.
Yeah.. that jackass movie is cool.. funny.. I like also the Party boy dancing on the street.
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