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She's a dog person and I'm a cat person

Ray Gravin
Ok guys, I need some advice!

I'm currently seeing a girl who I'm starting to feel I have to little time for. I know that sounds horrible, I guess it is kinda horrible. Anyway, I tried to make it clear that it wasn't "serious" and that we were just seeing each other casually. Now I'm afraid she's becoming to attached, proportionally more so then myself.

This wouldn't be so bad in most cases I suppose. Hell I should even be flattered. The problem is that I need allot of space. Like the title of the thread says, I'm a cat person and she's a dog person. Pretty much that just means that I want someone strong and independent and she needs constant companionship. I just feel like she depends on me, and I don't like that.

I know most of you are going to send hate post now, but if you can please keep it constructive. I wouldn't post this if I didn't feel the need to get some feedback from other people on the subject. I feel like I need to break it off with her, but I'm concerned about hurting her feelings. Im not a monster, I want make this as easy for her as possible. I just don't have allot of luck with doing that sort of thing without crushing people in the process. I think think its safe to say that I feel a pressing need to end this relationship as neatly as possible.

So please try not make me feel any worse then I already do : (
If this is not a difference you can both work past, then it sounds like she's not the one for you - she's not the woman you would marry. And if she is just falling deeper for you and you know it won't last forever, aren't you just leading her on? The deeper she falls the more it will hurt her when it ends. The question is, do you evaluate things and consider breaking up now, or do you wait until she wants to break things off? It sounds like the latter isn't happening any time soon.
Ray Gravin
I don't see it going any further unfortunately.
You should stop it now before she gets even more attached to you. There is no point in carrying on if you are not happy...
It's as simple as that, sooner rather than later !
Yeah just tell her, be frank and pray that she'll understand.
Just compromise and get a liger. It was breed for it's magical powers
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