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Norton Internet Security 2005 & AIM 6.0

Hello everyone, I have Norton Internet Security 2005 and AIM 6.0, Norton Internet Security 2005 has an option to protect Instant Messengers, and AIM is one of them. The problem is that when I try to check the box for AIM it's blacked out, so I can't check it. Next to the box it says AIM 4.7 or higher. Isn't 6.0 higher than 4.7? Does anyone know of a fix for this?
the computer and softwares just read the information in the setting up process the edition of a certain program. Like in some cases you gave your name wrongly and others would take your wrong name for granted. so there must be something wrong during installation of aim in which the aim gave its edition information to the registry. however, you can easily reinstall or fix your aim to make sure the program functions correctly. generally it has nothing to do with the norton system works or nis.
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