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System 32 is "broken"?

Just thought I'd post a problem to all the Windows users out there (like myself). As of late, my PC has been acting strangely since several services don't start automatically whereas it has been working fine before.
In addition, the PC has been "slowing down" a bit. I've been meaning to do a backup of my important files onto CD-RW and/or DVD, but if the CD/DVD burning program doesn't work properly then what shall I do?

I believe it has something to do with System 32 being "broken" and that I have to re-install everything.

Any alternative suggestions are welcome! Thanks in advance!
Try to repair windows. But first run defragmentation, checkdisk, check for viruses or spyware, repair the registry and clean up the prefetch and check MSconfig for unwanted start-ups. If no improvements, then do this.

Now try this:

Insert your windows XP (you did not mention your OS I am assuming you have XP)

Ensure that your PC boots with the CD.

Wait until Windows start-up windows installation (the usual thing). No you won't reinstall windows, just wait for the screen which asks for you to install windows or repair. Choose repair.

Now wait for the command prompt and choose the appropriate drive to repair. It will ask your password if you have have one in your windows log-in.

you can try fixboot and then restart, if it fixes the services then you're ok, if not, try this:

Next step, try to type:

 bootcfg /rebuild

It will ask you to add new installation just hit y for yes.

It will ask to enter load identifier, just type Windows XP

After that, it will ask Other OS load options: type this

/fastdetect /noexecute:optin

Restart Windows and the services will usually be back to normal.

If still nothing good happens, I suggest an upgrade reinstall not a format reinstall of XP. That would keep your files intact and rebuild the registry.
It certainly sounds like a strange problem, I would advise that you try and backup your important data as it sounds though your system is pretty unstable at the moment.

You also say that your CD/DVD software is not working either, this maybe due to missing or corrupted files within windows, to get around this you could try the portable edition of DeepBurner it's a freeware CD/DVD burner, the protable version includes all the files needed to run in one folder thereofre hopfuly does not relly so heavily on system dll's etc. you can get it here:-

Give this a go see if you can at least backup your important data.

I can't realy help with the other problems because i'm honestly not sure where the problem lies, unfortunatly you may need to re-install windows Sad

Hope this helps a little

If the repair doesn't work (and I'd be very surprised if it did), skip the repair part and tell it you want to reinstall when it asks if you want to repair. Now provided you use the same operating system (i.e. WinXP home if it's home or WinXP Pro if it's pro), it wont automatically reinstall. It will tell you again that you have windows already installed and ask if you want to repair it again at that stage. I cannot remember the exact sequence or terminology but it is fairly obvious when you see it. This method should write back all the correct files you need and reinstall the Operating System. So it does take a while, but all of your applications should still be installed and working and you desktop should be the same as before the reinstall. If you try the repair method, try the fixboot, fixmbr. Type help at the c:\ prompt and it should list these and other commands. Type a command with /? after it to get help on that command i.e. fixboot /?. Hope this helps.
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