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Need help with

I signed uo to they will give my users email adresses with my domain but has this error:

Your email service has not been set up yet. You must confirm your DNS settings to complete your set up. Please check the email account you used when you registered for more information.

The web address (URL) for checking your email will be:

Your users' email address will be:
Use this section to:

Verify your DNS settings, which must be updated in order to complete the setup of your fully-branded email service.

Check the current DNS settings to confirm whether your MX records are pointing to the servers.

To offer, the MX record in your DNS file should be set to: IN MX 0

I go into cpanel then to mail then Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry)

It says:

Domain MX entry Sorry, this domain has mutiple MX entries. You must edit it with the DNS Zone Editor

Can anyone help?, thanks in advance. Cool
If I'm not mistaken, the MX entry at the nameservers for your domain should point to (as of now, it points to wrote: MX IN 14400 [Preference = 0]

You can modify the MX entry for your domain in cPanel (cPanel main page -> Mail -> Modify Mail Exchanger (MX Entry) )

I have never tried this, so I'm not sure if it'll work, but it should.
This is what it said when I tried to change it Crying or Very sad :

MX Entry Saved

The MX entry for has been changed to Sorry, this domain has mutiple MX entries. You must edit it with the DNS Zone Editor

Thanks for the help btw.
Ok.. Confused
but then there is still a method that you can always resort to if it didn't work from cPanel.

what you'll have to do is to create an account at a third party dns service (I found and to be pretty good, but is much easier to use).
add your domain there (and let it replicate the settings from frihost nameservers so that you don't have to do it again manually)

now create a MX entry for as "".

you can optionally create a CNAME entry for as

let's see how it goes.
Ok thanks i'll give that a go. Cool
before you do this...I'll say you try the cPanel MX modification once again.
I just tested the mx modification on my domain and the record seems to be in order.
perhaps the recent delay in the dns changes was responsible for the failure in your last attempt.

better not use third party dns until absolutely necessary, since then you'll have to manually create subdomain A records in addition to creating them in cPanel for every new subdomain that you add.

and make sure you wait till the MX entry change reflects before you start configuring at the end ( is a good way to tell)
Could u tell us the result? It works or not?

also, I think this post could be turned into a good tutorial. It mentioned valuable techniques or website resources.
I'll try this out in a sec , I actually forgot about it Embarassed .
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