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Do you like BORAT- Cultural Learnings of America

I watch Borat on Saturday and I like it very much and it is so funny. I think I will buy DVD if it comes out. There are lots of funny things in the movie. Example, he was masterbating in front of the fashion shop where wax-models were displayed with bikini. Very funny.

Does anyone like it?
Just came back from watching it.

I won't say what happens in the movie, only that it is funny as hell Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Razz Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing Laughing
I saw it a week ago, and have to say its absolutly hilarious. The only film that topped it that I saw recently was the dirty sanchez movie...if you get a chance to watch it, do so. Its Jackass but to the extreme!! lol
I simply owns!
Everybody should go see it!
I thought it was pretty hysterical I went with a few of my buddies one of which was jewish so at some points it got kind of awkward. I still over all thought it was a good movie and thought he did a great job I can wait till his next movie.
I have no desire to watch this at all. I saw "him" on the Jonathan Ross show a few weeks ago, and it's just not funny.

Ali G In DaHouse is very good though.
I heard that the movie was banned in a number of countries because of offensive content....only makes me more curious actually.
Too bad there's no dvd out yet, I haven't seen it anywere in cinema's in my country.

I guess I'll just have to be a little more patient!
OMG, the FUNNNIIIIIIIIEEEEEEESSTTT movie ever,i never laughed as much as i did when i watched it Laughing
That had to be the stupidest and all around worst movie I have ever seen. I hope whover thought it up gives me back the ten bucks I wasted
Looks very funny, I want to see it ASAP really. I used to watch The Ali G Show just for Borat I remember, I'm glad he decided to bring out the film version Smile
BORAT here in the philippines is a word for a Male Part of the body the Penis. I never watched the movie I saw it in some cinemas and theres a pretty good amount of movie goers watching the movie!
This movie is awesome!!!
I loved this movie, it is so awesome, i love people who can laugh from stupid stupid everyone believe in ;]
And i also love that some people will get insulted by the movie, haha i pity them fools ;p
I haven't seen the movie, but I didn't like his character ... all these people who are sueing him (some with better reasons than others) makes me just dislike him more. :/
I went to see it today, and I have to say, I couldn't stop laughing through the whole movie. There was no point in the entire movie when I stopped laughing. There are tons of amazing quotes and moments in it that I must recommend this to any and everyone, no matter if he's making fun of you. There are lots of racial jokes and some parts that are just plain disgusting, but those just make them even funnier. If you find yourself agreeing with anything he says, then you should really check yourself and ask why is everyone else in the theater laughing about this? If you're very uptight, don't see this movie. This movie is for people who can take everything offensive that gets thrown at them. Sacha Baren Cohen is a comedic genius, and if I was a douchebag who takes the time to rate everything he sees or plays or listens to, I would give this 5 stars.
Ohh man this is one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time. I don't know how that guy who posted earlier said it was not funny at all. You probably were offended by the jokes in the movie, but thats what it is - A JOKE! No reason to get upset by it. The whole theater was laughing through the whole movie, proof that the film was great.
I have seen this movie, and enjoyed it, I believe if you are going to see the movie, you must be in a good mood, with an open mind, because you may get offended by the content. you can't take this movie seriously, or you will walk out of the cinemas, upset and angry. Women should especially be careful if you're going to watch it. Shocked
I did not like it. No plot after 1/2 the movie passed and all the gay stuff... Sad I feel asleep.
Since I know the character from before, it wasn't terribly amazing but there were a lot of nice stuff. Especially taking the real racist outta some people was really amazing.
I watched this the other night and was hoping for major hillarity. Actually although it made me titter it was not nearly as funny as i would've liked. Mind you the naked wrestling scene was well tittersome.
Borat is an excellent character for holding a mirror up to a society. One of his greatest features is the way he manages to get people to open up and show sides of themselves they usually wouldn't. Sacha Baron-Cohen (the man behind Borat) has a great way of making the snobbish, the rascist, and the ignorant look foolish whilst all the time they believe THEY are the superior ones. For example, most of you will have seen him performing the song 'Throw the Jew Down the Well'....

He whips the crowd up into singing along with him...all the time they are blissfuly unaware that the man who playes Borat is Jewish !! I think he's great for showing rascists for being the pea-brained no-hopers they are Smile

...and that's my two sheckles.
ive heard so many good comments about this movie, so i cant wait to watch it! trouble is people keep on ruining it by telling me all the funny bits, knowing full well that i havent bloody seen it yet! Mad same thing happened when team america came out. im still dying to see it though!
Yekshemesh,It's a very funny movie with many different good jokes and sketches.

I thought before watching it that it will be just a compilation of sketches in USA, but it's well done and you can watch it without looking at your watch to see how much time more you have to suffer.

It's a must-see movie, mainly 'cause they forbid it in some countries
You can visit the official myspace:
Long life to Borat.
That movie is so cool! It's so unpolitically correct, its halraious! Very Happy
I have yet to see Borat. I wanted to, but never had the time; it looks like it would be really, really funny.
it's really funny and is intended for people who just want to have fun on those people who are insulted with it Laughing, it's the actor's style of comedy so like it or not he's making big bucks with it.
Great movie Exclamation . Started to get a little wierd when the fat guy was in the bed naked,mastubating Shocked
jeanoradean wrote:
I heard that the movie was banned in a number of countries because of offensive content....only makes me more curious actually.
Too bad there's no dvd out yet, I haven't seen it anywere in cinema's in my country.

I guess I'll just have to be a little more patient!

You can see it almost everywhere, only there were some countries against the movie...
I went with a friend and the entire movie salon was crying their eyes out thats how funny it was! really recomended, do pay some attention to the music, theres lots of nice brass band music from Balkans.
I don't live in the US so I can't really compare to what life is out there, but the movie sure is funny Very Happy
Sounds really worth watching ...

I've yet to see it. But everybody seems to love the humour even though it sounds otherwise.

Borat - Kazhakhasthan ... cultural learings from America ... long title !
yeah he's a class act - the movie was pretty good... i thought it would get boring pretty fast thinking it would just be random funny events (which it kinda was) but it all fell into place. Confused Very Happy Cool Wink
ouch, i just heard that its got really dumb, juvenile humour in it, and its for people who are into movies like jackass and stuff like punk'd, and its not very clever at all.
go see this film if you like pointless, low brow, unintellgient humour and have a spare hour and half.

on seconds thought, go speak to your neighbour instead, you may learn something...
bjwok wrote:
go see this film if you like pointless, low brow, unintellgient humour and have a spare hour and half.

on seconds thought, go speak to your neighbour instead, you may learn something...

I agree. It is for "idiots" who like movies that are crude and stupid (what a combo)
Borat is a great movie in lot of aspects...First, if you think that the movie is a humiliation of the nation of Kazakhstan , you are terribly wrong...Borat humiliates the USA in an bizzare fashion and I think that the way he acts and transforms him in the character of this journalist is incredible.
Great movie!
I didn't like it much...I felt that the cultural warping was rather humorless.
I loved it! Very Happy Only film to have ever had me in tears from laughing so hard. I will be buying this on DVD. Very Happy
By the way, i think he's a bad representative of Kazakhstan. Could be widely misinterpreted
I will watch it this week, during its premiere in Brazil.
the funniest thing for me was the fact that Borat is antisemitic, and in real life Sascha Baron Cohen is a jew... he portrayed antisemitic people very well... especially when they were in that bed and breakfast place... tossing the money.... that was historic Smile
lol it was funny movie ^^ i was thinking... is it really like that? when someone from reaaaally different culture and country moves to country like usa and where the culture is very, very different.. but its right that cultural differences are pretty big between different countries.. continue from that Very Happy but that "borat" guy was so funny in few parts of movie.. like in where he washes hes underwear in bond somewhere in ny(?) etc. it was so funny ^^
Watched this on DVD yesterday.

Have to admit funny film but a bit reserved in that I think its a bit racist against Khazachs and American ignorance.

His scenes in the US where he introduces himself to strangers in NY and gets told to f off contrasts with roughtly similar behaviour of crocdile dundee where he was better received. Perhaps its a post 9/11 thing.

The scene in the movie where he sees that comedy consultant and talks about how he makes fun of his retarded brother and this is so un PC - is a bit ironic (I can't think of the word but its like recursion) as the whole film is in a sense un PC.

I'm told some of the people really though it was a serious documentary and didn't realise they were being taken the p*s out of. I'd really like to know whether that's true or not.

It reminds of of a viral e-mail that went around a few years ago with a video of a blind man tripping up on his guide dog (don't remember the details exactly) but the text of hte e-mail said 'if you laugh at this you're a bad person'

Well I guess we're all bad people...
This is one of the funnies movies I've seen in along time and recently got it on my ipod ftw! Did you know Borat was sewed by those college students for not portreying them correctly or something? Well I thought that was going to happen eventually... All those people he made fun of...

Also if you like Borat you have to check out Ali G if you haven't already. Ali G is played by the same person as Borat and was a TV Show (which might be still playing). It's about this guy (Borat) who dresses up as a hip rapper guy and goes around interviewing famous, important, old people. In the TV Show he plays the role of Borat, Ali G, and this really funny gay guy.
medievalman26 wrote:
That had to be the stupidest and all around worst movie I have ever seen. I hope whover thought it up gives me back the ten bucks I wasted

Have to disagree with you there. i liked it. "very nice, how much?" was the best part in the movie, i think.
I thought that this was a fun movie, allbeit one with no real substance, and I have to admit that I laughed pretty much all the way through. I'm not sure how funny I'd find it sitting on my own, but in a crowded theatre it just kind of got to me.

You can read my full review here.
hell yeah, i love it!! Very Happy some of the jokes are kinda sick, but it's a good movie all in all. shows america and americans from an interesting perspective which they probably hate but the rest of the world just find funny Very Happy
Laughing Laughing
It was quite funny indeed. Smile
A lot better than Ali G in my oppinion. Sometimes it got a little over the edge with odd jokes, but all in all a good movie.
Danives wrote:
I saw it a week ago, and have to say its absolutly hilarious. The only film that topped it that I saw recently was the dirty sanchez movie...if you get a chance to watch it, do so. Its Jackass but to the extreme!! lol

I think Jackass was more extreme, especially the uncut version.
But this was very funny. Couldn't stop laughng!
borat is really fun. when they run naked in the hotel, is the best scene i ever seen on a movie.
ye its a funny movie... real funny, watchedi t the first itme.. didnt find it funny at all.. watched it second time, couldnt stop laughin.. he is a funny man, Ali G also.. got some ballz 2
ok i thought i was not going to like the movie, i didn't really like the ali g show and i thought that it was a bit scandalous in the way that he made the movie. I also had a preconception that the movie was going to be a satire about a minority race to help foster anti-middle eastern sentiment amongst americans. This was not the case at all.

The movie was one big practical joke. As a prankster i loved that!! I got to admit that the movie had some cutting edge humor that pushed the envelope of what society accepts as acceptable comedy. instead of fostering an anti-middle eastern sentiment Borat simply used that as a basis for interacting with people to gain a reaction. It is actually very interesting to see how people actually reacted to such a character, especially in different regions of America.

so keep an open mind and give the movie a chance besides he needs the money, he's being sued by everybody ehehahhahaa
Cohen surely knows how to set-up an unfair game, and then wring each situation out for all the humiliation and humor possible. At the center of the movie is his role and the audience's consciousness of his fictionality, which bestows upon them and him the power over the less sophisticated stooges who don’t and therefore feel 'victim' to his antics. It becomes a huge dichotomy of the prank -- between the club of those who are in on the joke, and those who aren’t. But, of course, the crowning glory of this movie is the numerous explosively funny baiting sessions orchestrated by the genius of a throughly hilarious bully.
Haha, I loved Borat...all in good fun, in my opinion. There were lots of people that didn't seem to quite get the whole idea of it poking fun at Americans themselves, though, which kind of struck me as odd. Ah well--to each his own! Regardless, I rarely, if ever, find myself being able to laugh at the movies, and this movie managed to do so. :p
I thought it was a pretty funny movie, but not much better than the skit from Da Ali G Show. Just maybe a bit more vulgar. I really didn't need to see sat on by the fat man.
This movie is Very funny, but may offend some people.
I think this movie is only for those with open minds, otherwise you shouldn't watched it. But being an open minded person like I am Laughing Laughing I find this movie damn fkn funny LOL.
I got the DVD...the spoof of Baywatch is a hoot! Very Happy
YES... is nice!
The guy that's written it and played it must be so smart. he is so funny and it's so hard to be funny and different these days. My parents watched it and laughed so hard the old lady next door was wondering what was so funny so they gave it to her to watch (and luckily she doesn't get offended easily) she laughed so much that she was dying her hair and left it in to long and it came out a different colour all because she didn't want to pause the movie.
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