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What should I change in lay-out on this website:
Please no things about Runescape is stupid, I heart it all...
I would suggest getting rid of the stars in the background. To me, it makes it look cheesy and childish (perhaps put a very slight gradient from dark gray to black as the background).

Also, try filling in the letters in the navigation buttons, they are somewhat hard to read.

Without revamping the whole thing, those are the simple suggestions I could come up with. Hope that helps out.
The color sheme is quite good. The stars do look a bit tacky.
Also, did you make this site at an incredibly high resolution? I'm on 1152x864 here and everything looks positivily HUGE.
It's easy to navigate though, and everything works just fine.

You're on the right track, that's for sure.
The whole webiste look sort of tacky and weird to the eye.

I advise you to take a look around at other people sites, learn some effecting with some image editing software like the GIMP

The colour scheme is okay for a Runescape clan, but the whole site, either needs to get an "ye olde" renovation or a modernization.

The webiste has some funny looking fonts, and some werid looking images.

The layout is not very streamline to the eye.

I suggest a look around other websites. I don't get many ideas looking at this one. I can tell you are new at web design. Everybody starts somewhere.

It's a good start, it's going to take some work though...

Good luck.
Thank you, these are the tips I need!
I'll try to make it better and readable.
Try a 3-coloumn layout like php-nuke or other clan sites. Add more pictures to your site.
{name here}
Definately redesign - it doesn't need to be fancy. Something like The Best Page in The Universe's design could easily do.
I think that it really should be a more graphical layout given the theme of the site. Runescape is a fantasy/medieval kinda game, I think, yet your site is more space/90s 1337 style. Ditch the stars. Get some textures, and make some images that are themed correctly.

As to the layout itself, it's structurally sound so I wouldn't worry about that.
you should start workign on the layout a bit~

and we'll give you some more insight~

one more thing

on your webiste, you wrote "Join us, of suffer the consequences... "

I'm sure you meant OR suffer~ I'm not a good speller myself, but if you are pretending to be some geek guy who is all mighty powerful and clan leader of a runescape clan~ intelligence such as spelling should be first nature~

anyways ~ yeah get working, and keep us updated, and I'll try to help to the best of my abilities
Well, it's no really my site, but I'm one of the clan-leaders and the webmaster is working on it... But he's Belgian, not so good at English, and he's more a WEBmaster then a GRAPHICmaster or SPELLERmaster. That's why I wanted you guys to help me...

You're right about the theme, it's wrong. I'm just tactical leader and no public-relations leader, so I'm not sure how to choose a good style.

I'll hand over your tips to the webmaster and see what he'll do about it. Very Happy

Whatever he will do with your tips, I'd like to thank you all very much!
I agreed it looks tacky. I think you have too much red in there, or at least its not being used well.
The colors don't march well. It is too dark for me to read.
I agree about the tacky appearance that others have mentioned.

Also there are numrous error messages appearing on the first page at the moment.

Your remark that "Our webmaster (= me) is rather busy, so our site isn't going to be updated a lot." doesn't exactly inspire a visitor with confidence and the desire to revisit ..
Warriorza wrote:
What should I change in lay-out on this website:
Please no things about Runescape is stupid, I heart it all...

I'm sorry to say.

But I don't like it Sad.
The buttons are realy, ARG!
So is the background...
Sorry Sad.
No no, don't appologice! Laughing
I just wanted to have some constructive critisism, and what you said is what I meant. Wink

The site is going to be updated with new graphs soon. Very Happy
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