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computer courses in school

this is 21th century
this is the world of cool gazzetes and gears
so this all is existing due to the contribution of computer
so we must give thanks to the person who invented computer
nowdays every body in this world is directly or indirectly related to the field of computer.
there must be any basic idea if computer to every individual of developing countries too
so this should started from the school level
so that it will be maximum effective
so plz discuss in this matter als0o
In developed countries computers are everywhere. Most people have at least one at home, and I would say that at least 99% of businesses have at least one computer in their shop or office; only places such as small corner shops won't.

Now let's look at developing countries. Yes they do have computers, and in the cities there will be offices and shops with computers. But the majority of households won't have a computer - not simply because these things are expensive to buy but also because computer manufacturers and don't aim their adverts or produce at these countries. This is because the market for them is smaller and they feel that it perhaps won't be worth the extra effort for the amount of profit they'll gain.

So I would say that at the moment it's not necessary for children in developing countries to be given experience with computers at school just yet. But soon this will become an issue, as the use of computers is bound to increase in these countries - and I'm sure it is now. The question is when do you start to introduce IT / computing into the school curriculum? And where is the money for the computers which will be required going to come from? The latter question being especially important in countries wherein the governments spend their money on weapons and war.

EDIT: Also, teachers with experience in computing will be needed to teach the students. But there are less people with good enough experience with computers in developing countries who will also want to become teachers. So there's a quite way to go before computing becomes a globally studied subject in schools.
I personally take eCommerce and im in Charlottle-Mecklecklenburg Schools (CMS) quite possible the gayish/queer eh thats a insult to the gay guy, its just (F)ed Up ok! I got suspend form school for creating a Proxy Bypass Filter (not on frihost, at serpenthost Zs the best sorry and i have to pay mad money for it, not cheap) And i dont have computer access, becasue they think im a hacker, i put a file on a server and used it and that makes me a hacker. !&^&^%#@%^$ U CMS!
so how am i to do my work? i dont have a computer at home, i have to go to a friends house to get this posting work done!, letalone online hw!

Basicly if you are in CMS PM me im dead serious! AND.........

After the suspention im some type of proxy god, cte students clap when i enter a room. its wierd. I love though!
The eCommerce couse is routed and the curiculem is what all of us do on a daily basis to maintain our sites, but some of it is completely wrong, and makes you use various forms of LAMEWARE. use paint not GIMP, use gocites not some other thing good hosting cost money, XHTML is in all uppercase, image maps are god, blah blah wha wha wha, antil33t.

Basically the consept of computer classes, and HW is good, but in practice it is a bad idea. its half-baked as they say
ninjakannon wrote:
So I would say that at the moment it's not necessary for children in developing countries to be given experience with computers at school just yet.

I do not agree with you on this one.

No offence to you, but this comment sounds like this: These people are not developed so when do not have to give them a change to become developed.

As we all know computers is the future and is used extensively in all businesses even in developing countries. All people may not have access to computers at home but computers are definitely used in the workplace in every country. If we exclude people from computers whe excludes them from their chance in life in making money and caring for themselves. This leads to further poverty.

I know computers are expensive and not every school or institution has access to computers, but this must not be given as a reason to exclude people from learning computer skills. This problem must rather be addressed.

There is a new kind of illiteracy in the modern word. Computer illiteracy. Without computer skills even in developing countries you will not be able to make it.
Providing computers to developing countries would accelerate their development, and encourage innovation and creative thinking.
With the introduction of thd $100 laptop (with windup powersource or solarpanels and wireless technology) in Africa, and also the ongoing development of wimax, even the most rural places can be reached. Even in South Africa, broadband access is said to be an essential
I seriously doubt that the computers would end up in the proper place, or the there wont be the proper equbiment to fix them if there happends to be a malfuction, technology has to spread from a source, its like a plant, it is planted and grows from that point.
so we must give thanks to the person who invented computer
Or the people.... In many respects, there was no "one person" who invented "the computer". Contributions dating all the way back to the invention of the abacus up to the invention of the first mac and further on, have all done their small part to make computers what they are now. Studying IT at school, I've found at least 15 people, mainly mathematicians, who made a huge part in the IT Industry; and they lived in the 100's!

I think computers have become a standard thing in this world, just as TV's have... And seeing as there are tons of idiots and "n00bs" in the IT industry, it is required that everyone has even a basic knowledge of how to use a PC or Mac, as we rely on computers for a lot of services now. Even in Africa, people have started building cheap laptops for African Children... (really interesting, actually)

Rhys Andrews
Hmm... We have computer classes and lessons in our school but all of them are belong or to computer gaming or to professional programming on Pascal and Basic. Just because all of us (youngsters) are learning basic rules of computer users at home, with our native PCs. So we just don't need them. Eh?
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