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Should active members be given 2-3 weeks grace period after running out of points?
 66%  [ 4 ]
 33%  [ 2 ]
Huh? What?
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 6

hey, I was wondering that just suppose a member that is generally pretty active in forums suddenly has to go on vacation to a place that confuses computers with aliens trying to take over their tree-houses or perhaps if an active member has exams and needs a couple of months of hard work, and consequently cannot post for over 45 days, can he be granted a request to keep his website from being deleted? Say, as an active member, he requests the admin not to delete his site/account for, like 2-3 more weeks...?

I think I already know the answer to this... but I hope it's not what I'm expecting it to be. Smile

Oh, I'm just adding the poll to get an idea of what the others members think... if the moderators could get some users to vote, it'll be nice.
Isn't this already there?

If you have something like -3.00 points, Bondings will not suspend your account.
Yeah, but what if the points go a little more lower... like say, -10 or so... because unfortunately, my computer screen went haywire just a few hours ago, and I can't see much because it's blurred (I think some part inside the monitor's probably failed because of the voltage fluctuation), and seeing as how my dad's going out of station for some time, I may not be able to log on for quite some time...

But even otherwise.... I'm just asking in general... what happens if the points go lower? Do we still lose points a point per day even after we come into the negatives?
tidrug wrote:
But even otherwise.... I'm just asking in general... what happens if the points go lower? Do we still lose points a point per day even after we come into the negatives?

First of all, I only delete an account if it the points are lower than -20. That gives you 65 days. Wink

The Points are only there as an indication of your (in)activeness. It's not "you reach -20 --> deleted immediately no matter who you are/what you posted". I try to make the Points so that it shows inactive members. But they aren't perfect.

If you post every week one very usefull post, then your account won't be removed, even if your Points are -100.

If you are a very active member and then leave for some time, certainly if your last post mentions that, then your account won't be deleted unless you plan to go on vacation for over 3-4 months.

By the way, if your account has been removed due to inactiveness, then you may always request it back.
ok thanks a lot for that information...
Please don't mind if I'm unable to post for a few days... like I said, something went wrong with my monitor.... it's the weirdest thing I've ever seen, and it appears to be going mroe out of focus every day... weird. Please don't mind spelling mistakes because I can't see what I'm typing too clearly.
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